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From First Sight to Long Marriages, Why Date Night Remains Important

Couples Need That Change of Pace to Boost Relationship

Have the BEST Date Night with These Romantic Apps

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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Making Date Night a Priority
  2. 2. Keeping it Fresh
  3. 3. Get Lost (No, Really)  
  4. 4. Reward Yourself with Date Night
Sometimes Google Maps even can ping ideas you may not have known about.
- Dr. Randy Schroeder, relationship counselor

Date Night = Happy Marriage

One of the keys to a successful, long-term relationship is couple time.

There is a strong correlation between how happy people are in a relationship and how much “couple time” there was on a weekly basis, according to a study on date nights by The National Marriage Project of the University of Virginia


In fact, both wives and husbands reported they were more than three times happy in a marriage when there was “couple time” at least once a week.

“What keeps a relationship strong, especially after years of marriage, are ongoing date nights that provide rewarding experiences with one another,” said Dr. Randy Schroeder, a relationship counselor and author of the upcoming book, “Simple Habits for Marital Happiness.”

Schroeder said it can be easier to make date night a priority earlier in a relationship when things are new and exciting, but the concept of date night becomes even more important as the relationship progresses.

“I believe date night is in the top five priorities for every couple,” he said. “Based on the fact that for a struggling marriage, a date night is rare, one quick way to recharge and restore a relationship is through dating one another.” 

Making Date Night a Priority

A couple might agree date night is important but how do they make it a priority when there are so many conflicting priorities in a modern relationship? From long work hours to pick up kids from karate lessons to cleaning out that bedroom closet that really needs it, it can be hard to keep date night on the calendar for couples.

So one way to keep date night hot and not on the back burner is to keep it on top of mind throughout the week. Apps like HappyCouple and SparkNow not only help couples work on making date night a priority, but it’s something they’re both looking forward to.

Keeping it Fresh

Though everyone loves the classic dinner and a movie, it’s best to keep date night fresh and exciting.

“Think outside the box when selecting a date so it is not either a movie or at dinner,” said Schroeder. “A date may be in the morning or even the middle of the afternoon. Go out for lunch, get an ice cream cone in the middle of the afternoon, walk in the park together, play mini-golf, go bowling or to a theme park, drive out into the country and simply look at the stars and moon while just talking with one another, etc.”

Now a fun way to learn new activities your partner might want to try or do is HappyCouple. Indeed, HappyCouple is an app that prompts couples with a series of questions throughout the week. You supply your answer but you also guess your partner’s answers. The app is helpful to learn more about each other. Maybe you’ll learn your significant other likes going to art galleries that you previously didn’t know.

Get Lost (No, Really)  

One key aspect of making date night exciting is to keep it fresh. Instead of going to your regular restaurant or seeing a movie, go explore your town, or even get out of town for date night.

In addition, Schroeder recommends using apps like Skorch, Nightlife or Yelp to find new activities for the next date night.

“Sometimes Google Maps even can ping ideas you may not have known about,” he said. “And if you plan on having drinks, be sure to use Uber or Lyft to get home."

Another app that can help you discover a new date night event is Eventbrite. Eventbrite can help you discover date night ideas that are out of the box. In the app, you can search by location, date or even mood.

Reward Yourself with Date Night

So you don’t leave date night to chance or the last minute, apps like SparkNow challenge couples to plan exciting date nights in exchange for fun rewards. Although the app is currently not available and is being revamped, part of the original idea was it can be used for everyday tasks like doing the dishes and vacuuming.

SparkNow is the brainchild of Dana Lynne Spark, a teacher living in Florida. Spark said she got the idea because she was constantly asking her husband to do chores around the house.

“It was a constant battle,” she said. “We needed help with better communication.”

Spark said she’s heard back from couples in long-distance relationships that said SparkNow has helped them stay connected.

“They have said, ‘this has helped us to remember to simply Skype each other,’” she said.

Spark said the app is not available currently as she and her team are working on a complete revamp of SparkNow probably by August 2020. 

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From First Sight to Long Marriages, Why Date Night Remains Important



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