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Free vs Paid Karaoke Apps for 2023

How much should you really pay to belt out your rendition of "Dancing Queen"? We tried the top karaoke apps to see which ones had the best prices.




Free vs Paid Karaoke Apps for 2023

A night of singing might be just what you need to let off some steam, and karaoke apps the perfect way to enjoy all the fun without investing in expensive microphones or machines. We put all the top apps from different price points to the test and found the Yokee Karaoke app to reign supreme. Read on to discover all of our great finds, whether you want to become the Backstreet Boys with your friends or just belt out some Olivia Rodrigo jams alone in your bedroom (hey, we're not judging.)

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Apps We Selected
  2. Our Pick Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs Runner Up Cizoo - Sing Out Loud Cizoo - Sing Out Loud Also Groovy Smule: Karaoke Songs & Videos Smule: Karaoke Songs & Videos Also Groovy Also Groovy The Voice - Sing Karaoke The Voice - Sing Karaoke
  3. 2. Everything We Recommend
  4. 3. The 411 from our Appventurer
  5. 4. Other Apps Considered
Our Pick

Best overall experience

  • Sing along to millions of songs with music and lyrics.
    4.0 Ratings 1M+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich In App Purchases 1M+ Reviews
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


This app is absolutely the best quality with plenty of bops, and the easiest to use.

Why we chose Karaoke by Yokee:

  • Yokee comes with a free trial for 7 days and costs $19.99 a month after, which is absolutely worth it for the amount of song content.
  • Over 100,000 full, licensed songs and an endless amount of YouTube karaoke videos to choose from.
  • Song backtracks on the app sound just like the original songs. Hard to compete with this audio quality!
  • Users can record their singing and use filters on the video during their performance.
  • This app is mainly for people who want to sing karaoke alone or post videos of them singing, but it is possible to do duets or connect to larger screens for a party.

Yokee had just about every song we could think of, including obscure or lesser-known ones and plenty of both new and old songs hits. Hands down best experience overall.

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Runner Up

Like karaoke-only TikTok

  • Cizoo is the 1st singing social network #karaoke #duo
    4.2 Ratings 6K+ Reviews 500K+ Downloads
    Free Fresh In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


This app is a fun one for not only recording yourself singing using filters and voice editors but also for watching videos of others singing.

Why we chose Cizoo:

  • This is a 100% free karaoke app that has lots of new and classic karaoke songs to choose from.
  • Record yourself singing and use filters to change your appearance.
  • After recording, you can use autotune to change the sound of your voice and clean up the notes.
  • Watch other performers on the app and perform with other users in a duet.

Cizoo is a great app for users who want to have fun with a community of others who love to sing.

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Also Groovy

Best video quality karaoke app

  • Sing karaoke solo or with friends. Record 10M+ songs and use effects.
    3.9 Ratings 4M+ Reviews 100M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich Fresh In App Purchases 1M+ Reviews
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


If you're interested in watching the videos on a karaoke app as well as recording some yourself, this one is a great option.

Why we chose Smule:

  • This app comes with a free trial for 7 days. Afterward, it costs $9.99 a week, which would be worth it for those who really like the app and community.
  • This app has a less distracting design than some of the other apps, which makes it easier to use and navigate.
  • Users can watch other people on the app, and the video quality is the best out of all the karaoke apps we tried.
  • Karaoke songs sound like the original songs, so there is great audio quality to match the good video quality.

Overall the library wasn't quite as good as Yokee's, but it was close enough, and with the great recording features and community it's still worth a try for the free 7 days.

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Also Groovy

Karaoke and more!

  • 0.0 Ratings + Reviews


Houseparty has been pretty popular over the last year, so it's likely that you've already tried it. But they only recently added karaoke, so if you haven't used it in awhile it's time to open this one back up.

Why we chose Housepary:

  • This app and the karaoke features are free to use. A good reason to party!
  • Lots of great classic songs to choose from as well as modern hits.
  • It's a video group chat where friends can come and go as they please, much like a real karaoke party.
  • Everything is remote. Great for people who want to connect with people who live far away or who they can't see in person.
  • As you may already know, Houseparty is not strictly a karaoke app. Users can also play other games like UNO and Trivia without other users.

This app is fun for so many reasons, but the addition of karaoke is awesome in our opinion.

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Also Groovy

TV's The Voice App

  • Sing karaoke on the NEW official The Voice Karaoke app
    4.4 Ratings 79K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    Free In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


The Voice app is based on the popular singing show, which adds a fun twist to the normal karaoke experience.

Why we chose The Voice:

  • Made by the same Yokee creators of the Karaoke app, this app is just as good and similarly comes with a free trial following with a $19.99 a month subscription.
  • Users can access a feed of other Voice users and watch their videos.
  • Option to sing solo or sing with other users.
  • Like the Yokee Karaoke, the songs sound like the original, and there are thousands of licensed songs in the library.

It's hard to pick one over the other between Yokee Karaoke and The Voice since the only real difference is the community. Probably a good idea to try both for 7 days first!

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Everything We Recommend

  • Our Pick
    Yokee™ is the #1 karaoke app that let you and your friends sing karaoke for free. Sing along to millions of karaoke songs, with music and lyrics, use our special audio and video effects and share what you make with our supportive singers community.

    Join over 100 million Karaoke fans already singing their hearts out on our karaoke app.


    ✪ Sing from an endless selection of karaoke songs from a variety of genres and themes, find songs sung by your favorite artists. Plus, sing in any language, anytime anywhere!

    ✪ RECORD: Once you’ve chosen a song, record your vocal track as you sing along to the lyrics, add some of our special voice effects like echo and reverb if you like. New! You can now karaoke with video.

    ✪ SHARE your performance with the world, connect with friends, listen to other singers and like their recordings.


    With new songs added daily, you can find almost any of your favorite songs. Choose from a huge catalog of music genres: Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, French, Russian, JPop and more!

    Top Trending Songs:
    ✪ Despacito - Luis Fonsi
    ✪ Perfect - Ed Sheeran
    ✪ How far I'll Go - Moana
    ✪ Hello - Adele
    ✪ Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
    ✪ 7 Years - Luke Graham
    ✪ Let It Go - Idina Menzel
    ✪ 24K Magic - Bruno Mars
    ✪ Heathen - Twenty One Pilots
    ✪ Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor

    Best Karaoke Songs of All Times:
    ✪ Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
    ✪ My Way – Frank Sinatra
    ✪ Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
    ✪ I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
    ✪ Losing My Religion – R.E.M.
    ✪ Single Ladies - Beyonce
    ✪ Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    ✪ It's a Raining Men - The Weather Girls

    And we have millions more!


    Not sure you can sing in tune to the music and lyrics? No worries! Yokee karaoke app will auto-enhance your voice with echo and a little reverb to help you sound just like a star on the radio. You may also choose to enhance your voice with our special effects like Stage and Hall.

    Our karaoke app allows you to easily arrange karaoke or singing party. Simply connect your phone to one of the supported external singing devices and start singing karaoke instantaneously.

    With Yokee™, Karaoke has never been so much Fun. We think it’s better than any other karaoke app, but don’t just take our word for it, download the Yokee™ Karaoke app and see for yourself!

    Love our karaoke app? Rate us on Google Play. We’re always trying to make Yokee™ better. If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us!

    Sing your heart out with Yokee Karaoke App, anytime, anywhere!
    In-App Purchases
    $0.99 - $99.99 per item
    $2.99 - $19.99 per item
  • Runner Up
    Cizoo is the 1st singing social network:
    - Million of free songs available
    - A music studio in your smartphone
    - A social network to become a real star

    Get more:
    - Duet mode to sing with your friends
    - Highly qualitative audio effect (reverb, echo, vocoder…)
    - Every style of music: pop, rock, rap, k-pop, country…
    - All your favorite artists: Adele, BTS, Bruno Mars, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran…
    - Discover rising talents everyday
    - A social network to build your fanbase and meet new friends
    - Awesome video filters and lenses to create best singing videos
    - Messaging
    - A cappella mode to sing without music
    In-App Purchases
    $0.49 - $9.99 per item
    $6.49 - $49.99 per item
  • Also Groovy
    Sing over 10 million of your favorite songs with music & scrolling lyrics! Have fun recording with your camera on or off, and add professional audio effects to sound amazing! Sing your favorite songs solo, have fun creating a duet or group performance with friends, collaborate with other singers from around the world, or sing alongside recordings of today’s popular music artists! With millions of songs to choose from, you’re sure to find all the music you love. Smule is fun for everyone who likes to sing - all skill levels are welcome!

    Record songs and make music any way you like! Practice & record your singing in private, share music and collaborate with other singers!. Learn how to sing and improve your voice with an on-screen pitch guide and original tutorials! Smule’s supportive global community is the perfect place to create music and share your love of singing with music lovers like you. Give live audio-only performances 24/7 with friends & singers from around the globe with Smule LIVE.


    • Sing over 10+ million of your favorite karaoke songs w/ scrolling lyrics! Karaoke anytime, anywhere.
    • Record songs solo, in a duet or group, acapella, or enjoy other singers’ performances!
    • Createstudio-quality audio & add vocal FX that make you sound amazing!
    • Record songs with your camera off for audio-only performances, or turn it on & get creative with fun video effects & filters!
    • Host or join a live karaoke party! Use Our Sing LIVE feature to give live, audio-only performances 24/7 with friends & music lovers from around the world!
    • Sing side-by-side in recorded duets with top music artists like Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, classic Disney characters, & more!
    • Save your recordings privately as you practice & learn how to sing, or share your performances with the Smule community!
    • Record and share your performances on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, & more!
    • Create your own music videos! Use Smule as a music video editor and record audio & vocals,& then add your own video FX!
    • Freestyle Mode: use our app as a song maker to record original songs & invite others to join you!
    • Join in new Smule challenges & contests monthly to win prizes & get noticed!
    • Record personalized voice messages for family & friends!
    • Practice with an on-screen pitch guide & original tutorials!
    • Search trending hits & join a duet! Sing just your favorite part of the song– like the chorus or verse– with our ‘Moments feature!
    • More than music recording–Record yourself doing voice acting from movie scenes, musicals & more!


    Choose from Pop, a cappella, R&B, rock, rap, hip-hop, country, K-Pop, & more! With new songs added daily, you’ll find all your favorite songs & karaoke hits here.

    Is your song missing? Upload songs & trending hits to the songbook:


    We believe music is about more than just listening—it's about creating, sharing, discovering, participating, & connecting. As the original social network, it has the power to break down barriers & bring people together. Join our global community & sing songs that express who you are!

    Get discovered & grow your fanbase! Create & record your own dance moves while you sing. Connect on Facebook to make music with friends or share your singing journey on all your favorite social media platforms!


    All singers can sound great on Smule. Add quality vocal effects & video filters to make your performances pop!

    If you love karaoke, like to sing along to songs, dream of dueting with a pop star, or simply love music, then try Smule for free now!

    FOLLOW US & keep up with new major artists & featured singers on Smule!
    Have questions?
    In-App Purchases
    $0.01 - $99.99 per item
    $2.99 - $9.99 per item

    0.0 Ratings + Reviews
    In-App Purchases

    Sing karaoke to millions of songs on the NEW official The Voice Karaoke app. Sing solo, with friends or duet with singers from all over the globe. Perfect your recordings with our studio quality vocal and visual effects and share your creations with our large supportive community.


    - SING KARAOKE for free from a huge library of songs.

    - RECORD your favorite songs with our amazing voice and visual effects.

    - SHARE your creations with 100M+ singers on our platform.

    - DUET with singers from all over the globe.

    - WATCH amazing covers, like, comment and interact with other singers.

    ◆ SONGS ◆

    With the large selection of karaoke songs, you can always find your favorite song whether it's a top hit or an old classic.

    Not sure what you feel like singing? Checkout the highly curated karaoke playlists made by our editorial team. We have Pop, Rock, Love Songs, Kids, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country and many more!

    Can't find a karaoke song you like? shoot us an email and we'll make our best to add it.

    Need our help? We are here for you! Contact us at
    In-App Purchases
    $4.99 - $99.99 per item
    $7.99 - $19.99 per item
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Free vs Paid Karaoke Apps for 2023



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