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As food and drink turned from a necessity to a societal leisure activity, society experienced a movement toward convenient and high-quality dining experiences. Mobile apps have now heightened that experience to nearly its fullest potential. 

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Table of Contents

  1. Rise in Leisure Culinary Activities
  2. Culinary Magazine History
  3. Social Eating & Drinking Movements
  4. Mail Order Meals
  5. Food & Drink Magazine Mobile Apps

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Rise in Leisure Culinary Activities

While food and drink have always been a necessity for all societies, the concept of cooking, eating, and drinking for social entertainment has a slightly more diverse history. The first humans may have simply laid a chunk of meat over a fire until it appeared ready to eat, but the societies after these most primitive ones began to refine the art form of cooking. As technology developed through the ages, earthenware and stoneware were used in order to cook meats more properly, but these luxuries were usually only reserved for the kings and wealthy nobles. 

As a matter of fact, this disparity actually hindered the development of cooking, as most people were using the most basic of cooking tools to put the same meal on the table every night. Only at the king's banquets would his chef diversify the menu enough to please a variety of guests and push the art form forward. One of the earliest European experts after the dark ages was a man named Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin who coined the phrase that is loosely translated today as "you are what you eat", and society begins to dive deeper into the science of cooking. 

Culinary Magazine History

This kind of scientific investigation led to the more formal studies of culinary arts and the formation of cooking schools. Early newspaper articles about food, new cooking trends, and popular restaurants set the precedent for the present day culinary magazines of our time. Since the newspaper was the most popular form of published print in those times, people got a lot of new ideas for cooking their meals and places to eat right from the newspaper. There were specific sections and columns dedicated each week to different recipes and restaurants that people could try. These newspaper sections transformed into actual magazines as the years went by, and these magazines are still popular in today's society. 

Some of the most successful cooking magazines that are currently still published are Southern Living, Food & Wine, Cook's Illustrated, and the Food Network Magazine. From new recipes to restaurant critiques, all the way to party decorations and food displays, these magazines have everything someone would need for hosting a party or changing up the weekly dinner recipes at home. 

Social Eating & Drinking Movements

As food and drink magazine popularity increased throughout the centuries, it was pushed forward by Victorian society's movement toward leisure activities. Now, instead of eating and drinking as a way to fuel the body, people began to turn eating and drinking into more social events. The earliest forms of bars were popularized at this time as people enjoyed partaking in alcohol drinks together as social leisure. 

This era also saw the rise of leisure activities being combined with food. Street vendors, snack stands, and the earliest forms of food trucks/carts were seen popping up in the largest European cities as more people took to the streets for leisure activity. A bustling society led to more snacks on the go and more places to sit down and enjoy a high-class meal with expendable income. 

Mail Order Meals

Society's love for high-class food and drink grew rapidly, which led to today's era of wanting to bring that incredible dine-out experience home. The modern person achieves this high-quality dining experience at home in multiple ways. One popular way to have a great dining experience at home is the new trend of pre-planned meal subscriptions. These plans, like the Hello Fresh and Blue Apron plans, offer boxes of meals through the mail with packaged ingredients that families can make with ease. 

These meals are always advertised as a healthy and convenient alternative to making meals from scratch, which may take as long as 2 hours. Most of these meals take 30 to 45 minutes to create at the most and include high-quality foods, so families are getting a better meal experience at home. These meals are very popular with working parents who may not have time to buy the right ingredients from the grocery store to make quality meals for their families. 

Food & Drink Magazine Mobile Apps

Keeping with the move toward convenience, as technology developed, food and drink magazine mobile apps became the new primary source of new recipes, decorations, food display ideas, and restaurant reviews. Now, people can simply look at their phones to find the latest trendy recipes and nutritional movements. These apps include delicious gluten free recipe ideas along with low carb or vegan options for anyone with diet restrictions or anyone who wants to try one of the trendy new diets. 

Along with recipe ideas and meal prepping tips to increase convenience, many of these magazine apps will act as a restaurant finder as well. If users are looking for the best places to eat but don't want to go out, these apps can also direct users toward convenient food delivery apps. 

Society moved toward convenience and specialized culinary experiences throughout the last 3 centuries, and the latest food and drink magazine mobile apps are the culmination of technological and culinary excellence.  


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