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Fly 💸 Cheap With The Best Apps for Finding Flights

By Dec 26, 2018

Finding affordable plane tickets is something we all do. You can use Best 10 Apps for Finding Cheap Flights to find low-cost flights, but it can be even cheaper if you utilize user-tested hacks.

Did you know the average, two-way plane ticket from the US to Europe in 1955 was $6,920 in today's money?! Today, the same flight costs around $1,000 - that’s whopping 882% less - incredible!

With mobile apps, plane ticket prices have gone way down no matter the route. But why not go even lower? We bring you 4 tech-savvy hacks to bring that price so down, the bill will hit rock bottom. 

1. Time to buy depends on the seasons

Winter, spring, summer, fall - each season has the average point when pricing of airline tickets skyrockets. In winter, it’s best to buy tickets 62 days in advance, spring 90 days, summer 47 and fall 69 days. If you miss out, the alternative is to use last-minute flight booking apps.

2. Use a VPN Network

VPN apps change your virtual location and can impact the price. Just make sure you clear cookies and browsing history first. Let’s say you’re flying to Mexico from the US and you want cheap tickets. By changing your virtual location to Mexico you might discover better prices.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different virtual locations. Just clear cookies for every new attempt. 

3. Don’t use WiFi

Another great hack is to always use the 3G/4G Internet instead of WiFi. Why? When using the mobile Internet, it’s harder for the system to know your location. Just remember to turn off your location and again - clear those cookies.

4. Go private with your browser

Another quick hack is to use a private window on your mobile browser when making your first research. Otherwise, every next time you search for “the cheapest price”, you might notice that the “cheapest” is nothing but a cheap, marketing trick. Try it out!

A dollar here and a dollar there and you might just end up astounded at how much you can save. With the 4 hacks, you can play smart and truly make the most out of the Best 10 Apps for Finding Cheap Flights.

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