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Flashcards & Effective Learning: Here's Why You Need Them

Flashcards & Effective Learning: Here's Why You Need Them

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Knowledge and information are things we all process and retain differently. Yet, there’s one spectacular learning method that is almost effective for everyone. It is known as the visual learning method, where learners experience learning by seeing the object. Flashcards are great examples of visual learning. Discover how these little cards make a significant impact on your knowledge.

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Table of Contents

  1. How Flashcards Aid Retention
  2. Flashcards & the Visual Learning Style
  3. How to Study With Flashcards
  4. How Flashcards Can Help Young Learners
  5. Where to Obtain Flashcards

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How Flashcards Aid Retention

Here's how flashcards prove very useful in memory retention:

They Activate Our Active Recall Mechanism

Flashcards make learning an engaging procedure for us by allowing learners to remember based on our previous knowledge or experience. The method contrasts with passive learning, where learning is stimulated by reviewing the same material like a note or puzzle.

They Enable Our Metacognition Abilities

As flashcards allow us to recall information actively, learning becomes an evaluative and reflective process. Learners begin to question and remember why they failed previous answers, and if their next attempts would be correct.

Memory Retention for the Long Term

Flashcards offer active participatory learning meant especially to enhance memory. Learners must make sense of an idea before getting correct answers.

For instance, ask learners about their experience with the kitchen before introducing topics on kitchen utensils. The approach would prove more productive when they need to recall. Active recall differs significantly from passive learning, where the information is available before initiating learning.

Flashcards & the Visual Learning Style

Of all learning styles, neuroscientists have theories on why some learners assimilate faster with visual learning and others by hearing.

Visual learners rely heavily on seeing ideas or items represented before comprehension. That’s why flashcards are useful learning aids to visual learners. Flashcards can establish the essence of an idea in concrete or image form. When it comes to maximizing space to convey ideas, flashcards can embody text characters, images, or a mix of both for results.

Although flashcards are a visual form of learning, they generously accommodate auditory learners in the exercise. Learners who prefer learning by hearing can attain long term memory retention with flashcards too. 

How to Study With Flashcards

Due to their effectiveness in retention and learning, flashcards are study companions. Here's how to incorporate them into your study strategies:

Use Them as Learning Tools

Just like notepads and pens, a flashcard is also a tool worth taking to class or lectures. Take blank cards with you as you prepare for class. Write any idea, term, or concept worth remembering while taking notes on your notepad.

At a later time (preferably study time), add the answers to the terms written on each card. What you have done is to stimulate your memory to remember and reinforce the knowledge imparted in class.

Make them a Study Tool

With regular study, we store knowledge through reinforcement and recall. So, to attain long term retention, make studying with the flashcards a routine before a test. You can devotedly practice this pattern once every day, in a week or two.

Use Them to Get Creative and Personal With Learning

You alone understand what learning method works best for you. When using flashcards, you should personalize the experience for quick results. Weeks before an exam, you can engage yourself in an oral quiz review on lessons learned in class. You could practice this idea with a study group if you are comfortable studying with people.

Use Them in Performance Evaluation

To measure your study progress, grade yourself with the cards. Pull out a card, supply a correct answer to the term/question written on it. Checkmark a corner on each card you answer correctly and stack them separately. Go through all cards and repeat the checkmark process after study.

Depending on how regularly you study in a week, each card should bear a minimum of two to three marks (two-three-time study in a week). These marks signify the number of times in which you answered the question correctly in each study session.   

How Flashcards Can Help Young Learners

Flashcards are handy and very colorful learning aids. These qualities make them unique and great tools for teaching young learners. They can be resourceful for presenting, reviewing, and recycling informed knowledge.

The following activities would be practical for both visual and kinaesthetic learners:

Memory Testing Games

This game split students into groups where they memorize information on a selection of cards in just one minute. They must write out names they can remember in three minutes.

Learning Drills

There are exciting learning activities you can recreate with kids using flashcards. An example is The Invisible Flashcard, where students must study the contents of a card, then remember the contents of these cards after having them removed.

Where to Obtain Flashcards

Now you know these great things about flashcards, but where can you get the perfect flashcards to kickstart your learning exercise?

Online Tools

There are a dozen of the best online creative tools designed to deliver flashcard creation in minutes. A Google search can resolve this.

Create them with Apps

The best flashcards makers enable memory activities by allowing you to customize, add your colors, pictures, and even text for free. Although apps like these require to buy by making in-app purchases to access full flashcards maker features.

Make Them With Your Students

You can get creative with the students by making cards off old magazines, or cardboards. You can even do a quick clip art design or make picture inserts with software and print.

Learning, as we’ve seen, can be a creative and inventive process. It's impressive to see how our memory retention skills can improve by actively recalling with flashcards. You can kickstart this process today by choosing from our Best Flashcards apps.

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