Five Tips for Finding the Best Daily Joke Apps

Five Tips for Finding the Best Daily Joke Apps

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Trying to find a daily joke app that is somewhat decent is usually a trial and error process that can take a bit of time since everyone has a unique sense of humor. In order to speed up your search process, keep reading below. This article has five tips to help you quickly find your new favorite daily joke app.

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  1. Brighten your mornings with a daily joke
  2. Explore different categories for a guaranteed laugh
  3. Find the right joke for your mood
  4. Filter jokes for different audiences
  5. Share your jokes with the world and submit your own

A bit of well-placed humor can brighten even the worst of days although your coworker with the horrible one-liners doesn’t always cut it. Thankfully, with a little bit of help from your smartphone, you can start your day off with a laugh from ajokeaday app. Whether you are into short one-liner or jokes developed throughout different stories, there is an app that you’ll find funny. Look for apps that allow you to schedule alerts for whenever you need your daily pick me up. A good joke pairs well with a cup of black coffee sipped relaxingly on the couch, or a Starbucks latte grabbed on the go. While looking for a daily joke app, keep your eye out for a feature that lets you rate each joke. Using a rating system, an app will be able to tailor the jokes it sends you to your sense of humor, which is about as unique as the human fingerprint, so don’t worry if it takes a little while to catch on to your preferences. It’s incredible what starting your day with a smile can do.

Like we talked about before, everyone has a different sense of humor from adults to kids. What one group of people find hilarious will bring nothing but crickets in another room. So, to help make sure the joke that wakes you up in the morning is funny, find an app that fits into your personal joke categories. The classic one-liner is a great tool and is a good place to start for a quick laugh. However, there is a lot of skill and art in delivering a funny one-liner, and maybe you just don’t find them funny. If one-liners aren’t your cup of tea, search through the hundreds of different joke types from funny puns to knock-knock jokes, and you are bound to find something that at least makes you crack a grin every time you open the app. 

Nothing changes your sense of humor like your mood. Even the best joke apps can’t tell when you’re having a bad day, so if you are looking for a joke to fit your mood, look for an app that lets you search through jokes based on how you are feeling. If you are sad, maybe some funny animal jokes will brighten your day, or a clean blonde joke generator could do the trick as well. The beauty of humor is the fact that like art, there are so many different forms and ways to express it that everyone can find something they find funny no matter the situation. Sometimes it feels like you can't quite classify your mood as happy, sad, stressed, or excited, which is normal. The best apps will have plenty of defining moods to choose from, so no matter what kind of day you're having, you can find a quick laugh to lighten the moment or improve on an already awesome day. Like the great Charlie Chaplin, the master of comedy, once said “ A day without laughter is a day wasted,” which may sound like a cliché T-shirt but has some truth to it. Therefore, to make sure you don’t waste a valuable day, spend some time searching for an app that can make you laugh no matter what kind of day you're having.

However, if you are trying to find funny jokes for an audience, your job can be a bit harder since you must appeal to people you may not know very well. Not to fear, there are some great apps for humor that can filter jokes for specific audiences. If you are trying to make the family laugh at dinner, there is an app made specifically for you. Another great use of a joke generator app is to add a smart and funny ending to your daily email newsletters. If you need professional jokes to help move a presentation along, find an app that filters clean jokes, or has industry-specific tricks. Something engineers find funny might not be so amusing to the accountants, which brings up another factor to consider when telling jokes - know the background of your audience. Knowing your audience's background is incredibly important when working with groups of people from several different countries, as much of the humor is based mainly on culture. If you are presenting to a mixed audience, using international jokes from an app designed explicitly for multicultural jokes, can be helpful. The app will let you make sure your joke bridges both culture and language, so you can avoid listening to crickets after the final line of a joke. 

Now that you have spent much time reading corny yet funny jokes from apps, it’s time to find your inner creative spark. While your jokes might not be worthy of getting featured on the front page of Reader's Digest, there is probably someone out there in the world who will appreciate your contribution to campfire jokes or stellar knock-knock jokes. Whether puns, dad jokes, or maybe even September jokes are your thing, don’t be afraid of sharing your remarkable sense of humor with the world. Just remember that one good laugh can brighten someone’s day, so you might as well take the chance and bring a smile to someone’s face. A lot of joke apps will have a place to submit your jokes. These joke apps are a significant first step in starting to share your sense of humor with the world, as most of the jokes can be submitted through a profile anonymously. When you provide jokes anonymously, you can help overcome your stage fright as you start to see people having a positive reaction to some of your jokes. 

Now that you have these five tips for finding the best daily joke apps, you are reading to start your search for the best daily joke app around. With any luck, you'll soon be receiving a daily laugh every morning.