Finding the Right Educational Games for 1st Graders

Educational Games Make Learning Fun

It is proven that educational games are an instructional strategy to help children increase their learning. In the classroom, children can engage in learning games for all subjects, turning mundane curriculum into fun and interactive lessons. 

Outside of the classroom, learning through educational games can help a child increase the amount of time they spend on different subjects, even when they are done with their homework. 

As a result of downloading a variety of educational games, your child can increase his or her knowledge and improve their skills in any situation where they can simply sit with a smartphone. This means that waiting in traffic, at an appointment, or in the line at the grocery store can be turned into a small educational period with mobile game apps. 

When it comes to 1st-grade students, educational mobile games can be incredibly beneficial. Mainly, this level of education is building the framework for higher levels of education. For example, 1st graders are taught to count to 100, form and write sentences, and are introduced to social studies while learning about different countries and cultures. Therefore, if you can find games they enjoy playing that build on these subjects, your child will be exposed to the information in more ways then in the classroom, and be able to transfer the knowledge to the different aspects of their lives.  

Teaching Your First Grader Vocabulary

When your child starts 1st grade, the goal is that he or she will learn about 800 new words, 2 words per day

. Luckily, learning new vocabulary words does not have to be left only for school. With apps like Dino 1st Grade Learning Games, your child can enjoy 12 games in 1 app that includes math, reading comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. 

Moreover, there are apps where your child can watch animation or shows that focus on bringing education and fun together. A great example of this is the Sesame Street app. Here, kids can enjoy learning through gameplay, as well as get lessons from their favorite Sesame Street characters in videos on specific subjects. 

Games allow your kids to indulge in their curiosity and learn without the pressures of tests and homework. 

Making Math Fun

Now, it is the case that some students will naturally excel in subjects like reading and writing, while others tend to be interested in math and science. So, if your student is comfortable with math, or doesn't seem too confident, you can help them improve their skills with math game apps. 

For example, First Grade Math combines graphics and levels to help your child have fun while learning basic math skills. They can learn to count, subtraction, and addition, as well as start to understand how to tell time. 

Another great app to download is Prodigy Game. This highly-rated app can be used by teachers as well as parents. Your student can create their profile, and play games against the software, or other students in their class. A great feature of this app is that parents and teachers alike can create their own accounts, allowing them to follow a child's progress and see where they succeed or where they struggle. This app also tailors to their problem areas and where they are excelling to help them improve in both. 

Discover New Ways to Learn How to Read

Another major subject in 1st grade is learning how to read. Therefore, using an app like StarFall In Reading can help your child learn how to read in a fun, interactive, and relaxed gameplay environment. This app is developed by a non-profit organization that finds the most used English vocabulary words in print and teaches your child the meaning of these words within their age range, respectively.  

The basic principle of this app is to teach your child how to read, so they can start reading and learning. It includes videos and stories to read along with, and even has an auto-read feature so children can follow along until they are comfortable enough to read the text on their own. 

But, if you're child isn't ready to read just yet, there are other apps that make learning words, sentence structures, and listening comprehension fun. For example, the About Sight Words app uses matching words, dragging tiles to correctly spell words, and other gamified lessons to help teach the basics. 

Features of Learning Games for 1st Grade

However, 1st grade is not just learning about math, reading, and writing. It's an exploratory time for your child to learn social studies, art, and generally find topics or subjects that interest them. While there are many ways to introduce your child to various topics online, educational game apps are a great way to see what areas your child is interested in.

For example, if your child has an interest in animals and the outdoors, you should download an app that teaches them about animals, plants, and different types of landscapes. 

If your child loves to draw and tell stories, then you'll want to find an app that celebrates their imagination and allows them to expand on their storytelling or drawing skills. 

Ultimately, whatever subject your child is having trouble in or really enjoys, there is a fun educational game app that can help them improve or indulge in each topic.

Now that you have discovered some of the ways educational game apps can help your 1st grader learn and improve on different subjects, check out our list of top educational games for 1st graders and let the games and learning begin.