Finding the Greatest Adventure Story Game App

Find a Good Walkthrough to Get Started

The gaming world is as diverse as the people who participate in it. Countless genres exist that cater to all sorts of tastes. Some players will focus on impressive 3D graphics and high-octane action, while others will prefer a fascinating fable and immersive experience. Adventure story games offer quite a treat for the latter crowd. Instead of massive explosions and complex 3D design, they rely on the interactive novel premise that allows the player to use their imagination and direct the saga whichever way they please.

While this may sound a bit odd to the modern-day gamer, this good old style of play can be extremely interesting once you get into it. It takes a bit of time to adapt. This is why choosing the right app is of paramount importance for any beginner. Finding one with a simple and intuitive interface can help you jump over the first few hurdles and really get to enjoy this genre in a matter of minutes.

Browsing any top list will give you a clear idea of what the most popular titles are, but that won't necessarily be enough. You will have to make sure that your game of choice has a strong tutorial or walkthrough built-in. Only with such a safety net can you venture into the unknown. You can rest assured that this journey will beat reading just about any ebook you can possibly imagine.

Pay Attention to Your Budget

Before we proceed to the finer points of the adventure story game niche, it may be good to touch upon the topic of finance. Yes, just like any other category, this one too will come in two forms - freeware and premium software.

Luckily, these games require a comparatively low budget to make. There is no need for complicated code or careful design of a visual spectacle. Instead, 90% of the focus is on the text and good quality writing. As this doesn't cost much, many apps will be offered free of charge. Of course, you will have to sit through an ad or two, but we're sure you can manage that.

If, on the other hand, you are after a truly great experience and will not settle for anything less - the paid option may be your best choice. This will open up the doors to new episodes - all updated on a regular basis - and could even make your adventure last for months. You will be able to log in, play, and get immersed in a wonderful storyline.

Consider the Type of Storyline You Prefer

Now we come to the most important part - the tale itself. No adventure story game would ever stand a chance without a good plot. It is, after all, all that it has. No fancy graphics, no great sound, no smoke and mirrors can cover the lack of strong characters and interesting twists and turns. It is then extremely important that you download an app with a story that resonates with you.

Luckily, there will be plenty of options out there. Any idea can be turned into a great saga - from perfectly mundane yet deeply exciting contemporary drama to adventures worthy of the best romance novels. Any historic period can be covered, often in great and accurate detail. It is up to you to decide what subgenre makes the most sense to your gaming preferences.

Epic fantasy is a common theme, giving you an opportunity to explore a parallel universe in which everything is possible. You can travel halfway across the world and help save it - build your own fairytale, and decide whether the ending will be a happy or a tragic one.

Dip Into the World of Crossover for Extra Fun

At this point, it is almost needless to say that, in our day and age, most games don't really fit into one mold or genre. Text-based adventures are pretty distinct in their mechanics and somehow manage to exist outside of the box. Still, they do also incorporate elements of other styles of play, and quite a bit of crossover activity has been noted in recent years. If expanding your horizons sounds like a good idea, you might want to consider the following notes.

One of the most common ways in which adventure story games mix with others is by incorporating elements of the good old escape the room premise. They push the player towards solving complex yet endlessly fascinating puzzles in order to get out of a dungeon or maze and make further progress in the game.

In addition to puzzles, riddles and quiz-like questions are also quite common. Games with this feature should not be too difficult to find and will provide endless hours of fun to anyone interested in logical conundrums. Such games can take place in any sort of setting - be it a surreal anime universe or a space odyssey but are sure to put your little grey cells to work.

Make Sure You Can Play Anywhere in the World

Adventure story games may sound like a slow-paced, calming sort of activity but they are an excellent counterbalance to our hectic real world. In fact, we are often forced to move more than we'd like and business travel is something many have to deal with on a regular basis. In such circumstances, considering whether your game will work wherever you are is a legitimate question to raise.

If you're constantly on the road, juggling between different systems and gadgets will often be the norm. It is easy to forget a tablet when you're already carrying your phone. In order to continue playing anywhere, you will need a game that will allow you to save your progress on a cloud and access it anywhere. Of course, only an app that is password protected should be considered safe for this operation.

In order for this maneuver to be fully successful, you should also make sure that the game in question will work on all platforms - be it your Android tablet, iPhone, or even your PC. It may also be good to determine whether it can function both online and off, in case you need to update it at any given point.

With our great tips for Finding the Greatest Adventure Story Game App, you are now ready to visit the Best 10 Adventure Story Games, discover your new favorite, and embark on an incredible journey.