Finding the Best Wine Apps

Learning About Wines to Find Your Favorite Region/Country

Learning about the different wine regions of the world can be a fun educational journey, and it can help you find which areas of the world produce your favorite style of wine. For example, if you love deep dark fruits with a smooth bold finish and robust tannins, then you will be happy to learn about Malbec wines from Argentina, and specifically the Mendoza region. But if you are more into a red wine that has brighter red fruits like cherry, has a lighter body, and goes great with a variety of food, then you might appreciate the cousin of Pinot Noir, the Gamay varietal of Beaujolais, France. 

To find the best app for learning about the wine regions of the world, you can start with Decanter Know Your Wine. This app is dedicated to teaching you all about wines, such as which grape varietals grow in what regions. Basically, you want to find an app that has an educational component to it so you can increase your knowledge of the wines of the world. 

Get Recommendations Based on What You Like

If you don't really have the time or care to learn about the different regions and which varietals they cultivate, you'll want to look for an app that gives you personalized recommendations on what wines you might like. There are a couple of ways an app can achieve creating a list of wines it predicts you will enjoy. First, you can download a wine app that creates a profile for you by providing a basic wine questionnaire. This questionnaire will ask you things such as do you prefer red, white, or rose wines? Do you like bold or more lighter-bodied easy drinking? Do you normally drink wine to go with food or do you normally enjoy wine on its own? With all the questions answered, the app will produce a guide to the wines it recommends with the information you have given.  

Another way for a wine app to cultivate a list of recommended wines for you is to track the wines you have had and enjoyed. An app can get this information by scanning a label, or a picture of the bottle, or you can manually fill in the information about each wine. 

Learn to Pair Wines With Food

Having friends or loved ones over for dinner can be a great evening, but you can elevate the experience by pairing a wine with the meal. Luckily, with the help of apps like Hello Vino, you can filter by what meal you are having or what occasion the party is for, and the app will list different types of wines that would match perfectly. For instance, if you're having friends over for a tapas-style dinner, this cuisine will range in flavors, and so will the wines. It could be an adventure of the palate as you can buy different bottles of red and white wines to go with the different dishes you've created. 

Furthermore, if you use this wine pairing function often enough, you will start to gain the knowledge of how wines pair with food and start to get creative on your own wine pairings. For example, you can start to see why some wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon, tend to pair well with meat dishes or cuisines with wine reduction sauces. Or why some lighter-bodied reds can be more versatile in pairing, and how some can even be a good compliment to particular fish dishes.  

Be Able to Journal & Remember Each Wine You Have Loved

As you start to indulge in the world of wines, you'll want to be able to remember that amazing French rose you had a month ago at a friend's house or that delicious bottle of red you had at the Italian restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, you no longer have to carry around a journal and pen to jot down the label information, such as vintage, brand, and region. Now, you can simply open a wine app like Wine Ring and add to your wine journal about each wine you drink. Not only does the app keep your journal handy, but it also allows you to rate the wines. With the rating system, the app can generate a list of recommendations based on your ratings. 

Another way to keep track of the wines you enjoy is to find an app that allows you to build a virtual cellar of the wines you have tried. This way, when you are looking for a bold Bourdeaux style wine, you can navigate through the app to filter to Bourdeauxs you've had before and decide on the one you want to drink again. Of course, if you are a proclaimed wine connoisseur with a cellar of your own, you can also download an app that can keep track of all the wonderful wines you have collected so you don't have to spend hours searching through your cellar to find the perfect wine for the evening. 

Scan Labels & Get Wine Delivered to Your Door

Not only can an app help you keep track of wines you enjoyed, help you pair wines with food, or give you recommendations, but an app can also help you get your wines conveniently delivered to your door. With apps like Banquet, you can search local and independent wine stores and have the wines delivered to you within 2 days. Other apps feature label recognition as well as reviews and ratings from professional sommeliers to help you find a particular wine or vintage to have delivered. Ultimately, with the right wine apps, you will never struggle to find the best wines, nor will you have a hard time getting them to your door in time for your next special occasion. 

The world of wines has never been easier to learn about and enjoy. With these apps, you can learn about the regions in which varietals grow best, what wines pair with different cuisines, and keep track of all the wines you have tried and loved. Check out the top 10 wine apps to find your next favorite bottle to savor.