Finding the Best Running & Walking Apps

Running & Walking Benefits

Getting exercise through running and walking is a very popular source of cardiovascular training and maintenance. While many people love the gym, lifting weights can create a strain on the joints, and it’s not always easy to find a gym near you. However, there are almost no restrictions on the places you can run or walk for exercise. With constant access to great places for walking and running, these are definitely one of the more convenient forms of exercise. 

However, depending on where you're walking and running, this kind of exercise will get boring. If you're running the same route each day, walking past the same scenery, or (even worse) stuck on a treadmill, the tedium of the exercise can begin to wear on you. Fortunately, technology can help you open up a world of new convenience, new adventures, and even new exercise partners. The best part, these opportunities are all available right on your phone. 

Running & Walking Mobile Apps

If changing up your routine and getting the most out of your workout sounds interesting to you, then mobile apps for running and walking should be your go-to move. After all, what would walking or running without your phone even look like? Of course, you'll want to fire up some tunes before a big run. Or you might walk the track listening to your favorite podcasts. If you're like me and need every possible distraction from cardio, then you might watch TV on your phone as you run on the treadmill. 

However, walking and running mobile apps are so much more than just media distractions. They can truly help you break through the monotony of exercise and find motivation where you're least expecting it. They can help you track the miles, the route, and the calories burned, along with suggesting new, exciting paths near you. And if that's not enough, you can link up with friends through these apps to find workout buddies and exciting group exercise events. 

Tracking The Miles

One of the most exciting features of running and walking apps is the ability to track your workouts. As you are walking or jogging, seeing the miles pass by or the time count down can be a great motivator. Some of these apps even include walking or jogging maps so you can plan out a route that will burn a certain amount of calories, achieve a certain distance, or get your heart rate up to your target goal. 

Along with tracking the miles, these apps will be counting the calories you burn as you exercise. This can be another great motivator both during your workout and throughout the day. If you're sitting down for lunch deciding between the 1100 calorie burger and the 600 calorie chicken sandwich, you might consider how hard it was to run or walk off those 500 calories extra. With the motivation to walk or run further and eat better, you'll be well on your way to achieving your personal fitness goals. 

Exploring New Destinations

Furthermore, these running and walking mobile apps can help you change up your typical route so that you can find new, exciting workout opportunities. While a brisk run or walk in your neighborhood may be a convenient way to focus on heart health, it definitely gets old to see the same scenery on your route every day. These mobile apps, however, can use your location, whether you're at home or traveling, to locate great running or walking routes near you. 

Now, instead of jogging in your neighborhood, you might find a little-known jogging trail or greenway near your house. And, if you know all of the local spots already, that still won't help you when you go on vacation. A week at the beach will be wasted without finding the perfect spots to walk or jog, and your phone can point you in the right direction.

With these navigation capabilities, you'll be able to use your phone to find hidden coves, trails, and scenic views near your vacation spot to really make the most of your new surroundings. 

Working out With Friends

Plus, the only thing better than finding new places to walk or jog is finding new people to workout with. These running and walking apps will connect you to both new and old friends alike who enjoy the same activities you do, so you can take your solo walk to a group event (when you need a little extra motivation). 

Burning calories by speed walking will be a lot easier with a friend who can push you, but everyone's schedule can be so busy. With collaborative workout planning apps that allow you to get together for a virtual workout or an in-person walk/jog, you can redesign your idea of cardio. If there's a group walking the beach at sunrise or a group jogging through town at dusk, these apps can notify you of any events in your location. Now you can avoid the frustrating group text and just show up where everyone else already is to get the perfect workout for your day. 

By utilizing the latest technology, you can enjoy your walk or run more than ever before. Find friends and workout events near you, along with exciting walking and jogging destinations you never knew existed. Don't miss out on opportunities right on your phone.