Finding the Best Apps to Play Mahjong

Finding the Best Apps to Play Mahjong

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Mahjong is a classic game that combines strategy, logic, and quick thinking. Now, you can enjoy the entertaining and engaging gameplay anytime, anywhere, right from your phone. 

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Mahjong mobile games are one of the most convenient ways to play Mahjong. If you're a Mahjong enthusiast, you know how many tiles there are in the actual game. That's right: 144. That's a ton of tiny tiles to keep track of, and this board game isn't exactly "on-the-go" friendly. That's why traditional Mahjong is typically confined to homes and game rooms, and special care is required to make sure no pieces go missing. 

However, thanks to Mahjong mobile apps, there are no more missing pieces, and no more being stuck at home. There's nothing worse than waiting in line to eat in a restaurant and not getting to play Mahjong to kill the time. It's a perfect game to enjoy on your own or with friends, and you can even do that on the go. You see, along with convenient gameplay, Mahjong mobile apps also feature enjoyable online games in real-time, helpful tutorials for beginners, and all-new game modes. 

Mahjong mobile games are incredibly entertaining even for the most avid Mahjong enthusiasts. However, they don't simply cater to veteran Mahjong masters. In fact, they are one of the most enjoyable ways to learn how to play. With games that vary in difficulty level, along with helpful tutorials and step-by-step instructions, these apps will meet anyone at their particular skill and experience levels. 

You can start by reading or watching tutorials before you begin gameplay, but we all know that playing the game is the best way to learn. That's why there are game modes that can help you during the actual game, showing you which pieces to move for optimum results, or presenting you with different options based on your strategy. You'll be amazed at the in-depth learning experience you can have. Plus, if you're heading to a family gathering (or a spouse's family gathering) where you know Mahjong will be the main source of entertainment, you can brush up on your skills with these apps before the party. 

Furthermore, as you continue to progress in Mahjong mobile games, you can take on more difficult challenges. You'll start off by playing against computer-simulated opponents with similar skill levels to beginners. Many of these apps, which are free to download, will progress as you defeat these beginner-level opponents. Or, if you're confident in your skills and want to skip ahead, you can manually set the difficulty level of your opponent. 

If you're still trying to learn Mahjong, it can be very frustrating to challenge experienced opponents. You see, the game strategies can get so intricate that experienced players are in a totally different realm, and the games don't really flow very well. It works best if both players either really know what they're doing or don't know what they're doing at all. That's why the low-level opponents are a fun place to start rather than a frustrating hurdle that feels impossible to get over. 

Along with varying the difficulty levels, Mahjong mobile games are an improvement on the real-life game because there are so many different options. If you love classic Mahjong, played straight-up as the original Chinese designers intended, then these apps have what you're looking for. However, you're not stuck with only that option as you may be in real life. 

It can be frustrating to play the same game over and over again, but it's also not a lot of fun to search for new mobile games to download every day. That's why Mahjong mobile apps help you keep the entertainment fresh by providing all sorts of different game modes and mini-games. With timed rounds, bonus scoring systems, and lightning games that involve strategy on the fly, these apps are always coming up with new ways to enjoy an old favorite. 

Plus, along with a ton of new game modes, Mahjong mobile games take convenient entertainment to the next level with online gameplay opportunities. If you're waiting around with a group of friends who want to play Mahjong, but you don't have the board with you, everyone can play in real-time on the apps. And, you don't even need to be in the same room. You can challenge friends from across the globe as long as you have cell service or WiFi. You send them a request and, if they're available, they can log on and play you anytime, anywhere. 

Along with an exciting way to stay connected over long distances, these apps provide a chance for you to put your Mahjong skills to the test against some of the best in the world. Challenge anyone on the app and watch your skill rank rise as you defeat opponents. Who knows? You might even find your name at the top of the world's online leaderboards. 

Whether you love Mahjong or you want to try it out for a while, these apps can provide hours of convenient entertainment that you can enjoy on the go. 

  • Play No.1 Free Mahjong (a.k.a Mahjong Solitaire) board puzzle game on Android!

    4.7 Ratings 179K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Well it works, so there's that. Seems that most games, especially word games started glitching about a month and a half-ish ago. Everything either shuts off or won't load, on every tablet! Now it's affecting mahjong games as well. SOMEBODY screwed with something that worked just fine and now almost NOTHING does! So the fact that this one works is a BONUS! Five stars for you, even though it's not necessarily the best one I've played.
      Thomas Dibler


  • Addictive Mahjong Game.

    4.6 Ratings 204K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • Not the first mahjong app I downloaded but might be the last one I need. There're a few ads, but they're non-intrusive along the bottom or the occasional ad between rounds. Overall far far fewer ads than every other game. The graphics are also lovely and smooth and there aren't unnecessary animations between moves or rounds. Probably the best game I've downloaded in a while. Also really liked the options to switch the tiles to other letters and symbols, since it's easier on the eyes.
      Sabrina Nobile


  • Bored at home? Have a blast matching mahjong tiles & traveling the globe!

    4.8 Ratings 381K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • I’ve played this game a lot but not in this cartoon version. Seems to give a lot of coins and prizes. I’m just waiting for the big fall of the fun when the game tells me I’m a looser and not good enough like all the other games I’ve had to play this last year due to lake of my own choice station. Correction I guess they call it a Play station well until then keep up the coins and let me fall on my face easy this time.


  • Mahjong Blossom Solitaire is a free board game that matches mahjong cards.

    4.6 Ratings 42K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • I have only had chance to play and thougherly enjoyed it . Try working against time and score as fast as possible and then you find you are teaching your brain to spot things quicker. So not just a game, but turn it into playing, to make your brain work, and pick up the same things out faster and faster ..t Thank you to Developer. Enjoying the Mahjong game very much Regards
      Des Liebenberg


  • Free Mahjong game with over 1600 boards, multiple tile sets, themes and more!

    4.6 Ratings 612K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • Have enjoyed this game. Each game is a little different. Nice colors and each game is setup differently.
      Karen Ouellette


  • Classic FREE mahjong game! Over 1500 boards.

    4.6 Ratings 12K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • Stressful is how it makes me feel. I am sorry, but I did not enjoy playing it. Please delete this post if you want, cause I hate being negative.still stressful, but it isn't as scarry as it was. I am determined to slow down and take care of the matching puzzles instead of being frustated with the time it takes me.
      Sondra Y Dunn


  • Mahjong, also known as Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire

    4.6 Ratings 24K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • Great to play on or off line . Once you start it's hard to put down . It's so much fun I don't go to the next level until I get 3 stars from every game
      Happy Man


  • Free Mahjong game with over 1800 boards. Enjoyed by millions of players!

    4.6 Ratings 415K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • I really enjoy this game. It has beautiful characters & It keeps my mind active. I also love the beautiful music...it's so calming and peaceful at the same time. It deserves to be rated a 5 STAR.
      Valerie Marcello


  • Free Mahjong Games - match tiles to solve the addictive board puzzles!

    4.5 Ratings 143K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • I don't have the same number or cell & I have changed#s 3 ×,s I have been hacked so I will keep on down loading this game until I get my knew cell so your game is awesome 👍 😊 This is my favorite thing in the morning to get my brain a going. Love it. Keep up your good work an if anyone is seeing this no I want back brain buzz IQ questions as well 💪👀💯
      Amy Gower


  • Relax and play a classic puzzle game of majong tile and card matching

    4.7 Ratings 84K+ Reviews 500K+ Downloads
    • Love this game!!!!!! Could play it for hours and have my music playing in the background / Nothing better!


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