Find Your Favorite Classic Rock Radio Apps

Genres of Classic Rock: How to Find Your Favorites

Although there is some debate about what is classified as classic rock, is it guitar-driven rock music from the 1960s-1970s? Or is to any music that is over 25 years old? Well, one thing is for sure, classic rock is a genre of music adored by all types of people, regardless of age or ethnicity. 

Genres of classic rock that are definitely agreed on start with the early 1960s and the music of legends such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The mid-60s to 1970s brought on diversity to the classic rock genre with famous bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Pink Floyd. 

Now, you may be an ultimate fan of Led Zepplin or Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, but cringe when someone puts on the classic rock legendary album Moving Pictures by Rush. Luckily, you no longer have to struggle through a whole album until it's your turn to put another on. With apps, you can find the right classic rock radio station or create your own playlist of all your favorites. 

Go Old School With FM Stations on Apps

If you grew up listening to FM radio, you probably remember listening to your favorite DJs talk about the songs before they play them. Perhaps they gave some inside facts about how the band came up with the lyrics, or where they were when the song came to them. Then you need to download apps with radio stations to listen to. 

Or, what if you had a favorite classic rock FM station back home, but now you live 1000s of miles away? You can still tune in by downloading an app that allows you to stream FM stations all over the world.  For example, if you grew up in San Antonio but now live in Washington, you can download the 99.5 KISS app and still hear your favorite rock radio channel all the way from Washington.  

In addition, some classic rock apps feature more than one option for FM stations, so you can listen to different rock stations from all over the country or globe. That way, you can listen to new DJs, and find out what kind of classic rock people enjoy in different areas. 

Get Streaming Music & Find New Bands

Now, if you don't want to bother with DJs and commercials, you can indulge in apps that stream nothing but classic rock all day and night. With apps like Spotify and iTunes, you don't even have to spend time curating your own lists.  You can simply search for some of your favorite artists or bands, and the apps will give you options for playlists. 

For example, if you love Led Zeppelin, you can choose a playlist or Led Zeppelin channel that will not only play your favorite songs and albums from Robert Plant and the gang, but the channel will also play similar artists. This way, you can find new classic rock tunes to enjoy or remind of ones you forgot about.  

Create Your Own Playlists

If you have time on your hands, and you want to curate your playlist for not only you to listen to but to share with friends and other classic rock lovers,  apps have got you covered there too. You can search for your favorite songs, and add them to your playlist on a music sharing and streaming app. Another great advantage of creating your own playlist is the offline feature these apps provide. So, even if your flying or somewhere without a WiFi connection, you can download your ultimate classic rock playlist while connected to WiFi, then enjoy your jams anywhere you go. 

Also, if you love different sub-genres of classic rock, you can create multiple playlists and listen to the best one for the mood you're in. If you want to hear the sounds of the early 60s like The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones, you can create a special playlist featuring these bands. But, if you're in more a psychedelic mood, you can create a list featuring Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and The Doors. 

However, if you don't want to create your own playlists, you can still enjoy these kinds of curated lists on apps like Rock Radio. This app allows you to filter your station with options like which decade you want to hear, live concerts, and much more. 

Get Apps With More Than Just Music

Now if you still wear band T-shirts, have posters, and boast yourself as a die-hard classic rock fan, then you might want an app that features more than the music. You might want to watch a video of your favorite rock n roll band in concert or listen to a podcast about the rise of different classic rock bands, or interviews of artists. If you are interested in all things classic rock, then download an app that takes you past the music and gets you in touch with your favorite artists. 

For example, a popular podcast app featuring music and classic rock podcasts is Podbean. But, there are so many apps out there for podcasts, you might have to search around for one that has a variety of classic rock podcasts so you never get bored. 

So, if you love classic rock and want to learn about more artists or revisit ones you loved in the past, apps can help you. If you want to listen to playlists or create your own, start with our top 10 classic rock apps and see if there's an app on the list that gives you all the classic rock you want and more.