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Find the Best Rally Racing Games

Rally Racing Mobile Games

Rally racing is the home of some of the most diverse racing circuits in the world, so it's no surprise that rally racing video games have always been a popular source of entertainment. As the precursor to mobile rally racing games, this genre of video game was highlighted by the popular Collin McRae franchise, since McRae was one of the most popular rally racers on the world tour. While entertaining, these games shared one feature in common with other video games: you had to play them at home. 

On the other hand, new mobile rally racing apps provide the same rally racing thrills, graphics, and game modes as the best video games. But, they allow the player to enjoy them from anywhere in the world. As long as you've got a cell phone, you can race around dirt track circuits from wherever you are. Plus, you still get all of the best features of rally racing games like touring the world circuits, variable game modes, customizing your racer, and so much more. 

Tour the World's Toughest Circuits

One of the most enjoyable things about rally racing is its worldwide presence, so rally racing mobile games allow you to take your talents all over the world. From the dirt tracks of Brazil to the city circuit of Europe, you'll be able to dominate the competition at every level and in every racing style. Different countries will have different track types and competitions, so you can find your favorite or try them all. 

As you tour the world and build your reputation as one of the premier rally racers on the circuit, you'll figure out which of your racing skills needs to improve, and which kinds of tracks you're most successful on. There's nothing like being stuck at home or bored at work but still getting to rally race in some of the most exotic locations in the world. 

Exciting Race Venues and Game Modes

Furthermore, rally racing in the real world may be one of the most diverse racing circuits, but rally racing mobile games take those racing venues to all-new levels. You see, real-life rally racing is limited by the constraints of physics. You can't actually race a car in outer space or underwater, but you can in these mobile games. Driving your way through an ocean-floor circuit or dodging asteroids in the rings around Saturn are now all possibilities if it suits your racing fancy. 

Along with jaw-dropping racing locations, there are also a variety of game modes. Instead of simply racing circuits all over the world, you can take on mini-games, challenges, and different levels to progress through. Now, you won't get bored by playing the same game over and over again since you can change up your playing experience all from the same app. 

Build Your Own Racer

While hitting the track may be one of the best parts of rally racing mobile games, are you a true racer if you don't spend the hours in the garage perfecting your vehicle? Racing is all about putting in the work off the track to get your car where it needs to be, and these mobile apps are no different. With customizable features on all of the cars, you can create your own racecar to meet your exact racing preferences. 

Along with the performance of your car, you'll be able to customize other features like the roll cage, suspension, and tires. If you're coming up on an offroad race, then you may want to switch the tires. You can also customize the paint job, the sponsorship labels, and even the rim color. Who knows? You might find that tricking your ride is even more enjoyable than the actual racing events. If you're mechanically inclined or love working on cars, you'll be sure to love this feature of the apps. 

Challenge Your Friends

Finally, if racing around the globe and customizing your ride isn't quite enough, rally racing mobile games allow you to play online for free. As long as you can hook into WiFi or connect using cellular data, you can join online races against strangers or compete with friends in specific game modes and challenges. Some of the best races and events will go down in the online forums, where seasoned competitors and different styles of racing will all collide on the same track. 

If you find you enjoy the solo racing styles more, but still want the social experience, you can join groups online. These groups will allow you to take on the same challenges as other racers in the group, post screen shares of your races, and even get your name posted to online leaderboards. Just when you thought these games couldn't get any better, the online capabilities add an extra layer of fun.  

When you fully dive into these apps and explore their features, you'll realize why rally racing keeps users entertained for hours on end. From building your own racer to endless varieties of racing styles and venues, the fun really never ends.