Find the Best Educational Game Apps for 5th Grade

Consider Your Child's Current Grades

The 5th grade marks the point at which children in many countries are ready to finish their elementary education and are getting ready to move onto the joys and triumphs of middle school. For many, this period can be a tiny bit challenging so it is then no surprise that parents and teachers will want to help them remove all the potential obstacles. Apps are an excellent way to do this and can contribute a lot to the process.

Of course, the choice of software won't always be a simple one. With such a multitude of programs available, it's extremely easy to get lost - even as an adult. Educational games for 5th grade can take on many different forms so the first criteria you ought to apply is that of the child's academic success thus far. Are their grades good? Or are they lagging behind their peers? If you see them struggling, always pick an app that will help them strengthen their intellectual foundation so they can march ahead with confidence.

If, on the other hand, you have a truly stellar student in your family, the choice will be somewhat different. Helping them run that extra mile will be possible with the best apps aimed at dealing with extracurricular activities as well as some more complex ideas suitable for their age. Teachers will surely appreciate a bit of extra learning from their pupils.

Use a Reading Challenge to Improve Vocabulary

Obviously, each school will endeavor to cover as many different subjects as possible. Children should get a good grasp of language, math, science, as well as art. English is a subject that always requires a good deal of attention, especially when it comes to reading and writing. Those in 5th grade will often still struggle with vocabulary or even spelling.

Specialized apps aimed at expanding a young child's comprehension and ability to use complex words and expressions shouldn't be too difficult to find. In fact, there are more than a couple that focus on this area and can serve as an effective ebook reader for short stories hand-picked with their age in mind. Some will even offer free, printable sheets that will allow the young book lover to read without straining the eyes over a tablet screen.

Another great way to boost literacy is the practice of creative writing. This is a surprisingly useful skill to acquire, especially in the age of the Internet. Many jobs will require it - from online teaching and reporting to digital marketing. Helping them develop their talent with the right apps will set them on the right path to success.

Practice Math & Master This Difficult Discipline

After covering the finer points of language, it's time to deal with that big pink elephant in the room - math. So many children struggle with it and some will even fail a grade because of it. Luckily, it doesn't have to be so. The nature of the subject may be somewhat problematic, but that does not mean that a young one lacking natural propensity for it is doomed to failure. Difficult equations and potentially mediocre teachers do not have to be an obstacle.

5th grade is often known for its increasingly complex algebra. It's still not as bad as calculus. (which comes later) but it definitely has its issues. Focusing on this the right way can save your child from low grades and prevent them from starting to hate the subject altogether. Fun apps like Prodigy Math Game offer many different ways to navigate the murky waters of math, and really understand what on Earth is going on with those numbers.

Geometry is somewhat easier to understand and can quickly become a child's favorite mathematical playground. Websites and apps covering its laws (and their quirky exceptions) are a great way to spice things up and even inspire a future engineer or architect.

Focus on Natural Sciences for Better Grades

Science is another matter which absolutely demands its own apps. 5th grade is the time at which the curriculum rushes full speed ahead. It is a period of adapting to a different environment and preparing for what lies ahead. There is no other way to proceed through it but to master quite a few new concepts.

Physics are often introduced at this age, with the basics presented in a simple and playful manner. During this initial stage, it is important to take it easy and give the young student all the support they need. Colorful, clear, concise, and user-friendly games should make it a lot more fun. You can relax knowing that chemistry will come a bit later. There is no need to worry about that now.

Biology is a bit less of an ogre, often considered the least intimidating natural science. Despite its complexity and vast area of study, it is much easier to comprehend, even if the topic is single-cell organisms or the nervous system of a shark. An engaging app presenting the topic well enough can only make it more interesting.

Find Games Devoted to Geography & History

It is next to impossible to discuss educational games for 5th grade without touching on the topics of geography. Exploring the world, discovering countries, and continents, and even talking about natural phenomena can be immensely interesting - or quite daunting - depending on the child. Some will be able to figure it out along the way, while others may struggle. For the latter, pick a game that addresses this topic without burdening them with numbers or unnecessary information.

History too can be covered well enough by specialized apps. The main difference is that some will be aimed at adults, while others will focus on children. Finding the right history trivia game will perhaps require a bit more time than any of the others, but will be amply rewarded once you discover exactly what your little one needs.

Last but not least, we should also mention apps that focus on the arts. They allow 5th-graders to explore all the possibilities and express their ideas in a visually appealing way. Unless, of course, they want to focus on music instead and learn to play an instrument. That too is possible, with games teaching notes, keys, and beyond.

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