Find Apps to Master Drawing Superheroes

Assess Your Skill Level Before Making a Pick

The world is in grave danger. A group of villains is on the loose, working on destroying the universe as we know it. Only a real superhero could take care of them, but there is not a single one in sight. Perhaps you could help? Your great potential is enough to create a hero of immense strength - you just need a pen and paper. Doubting your drawing skills, perhaps? Don't worry. You can learn how to draw superheroes in a matter of weeks.

In order to save the day, you need to find an app that will teach you everything you need to know about the process. Pose, anatomy, and ways to convey action may sound quite confusing to you now, but soon they should all make perfect sense. The first thing you ought to do is assess your current level of skill. If you are a total beginner, aim for a program made with rookies in mind.

If, however, you already have a certain amount of experience under your belt, an app made for those of your ilk should be the perfect tool to master the craft. You might also want to consider your age because certain programs will be more suitable for younger users, while others will be aimed at a more mature audience. The latter may also come with a PDF book or two, helping you understand the intricacies of the human form.

Focus on Western Aesthetics For a Solid Foundation

The minute you enter the world of art, you will realize that there are more than a few ways of getting your ideas onto paper or screen. In the realm of comic books, the most distinct division is between the Western and the Asian market. Emerging in the 1920s and the 1930s, superheroes of the US and Europe form their own distinct group and ought to be approached as such.

A number of apps will exist devoted to different brands and franchises. Perhaps two of the biggest creative studios are Marvel and DC. Due to copyright laws, many apps will choose to focus either on one or the other, so you will rarely see Spiderman and Superman together.

Because of this, it is always good to come prepared, know your superheroes, and know what you're aiming for. Reading the reviews doesn't hurt either as it will give you some insight into what each app is able to offer. Then you can download the right one, start working on your pencil sketches, and become a true pro in no time.

Venture Into the World of Anime & Manga

Perhaps the world of DC and Marvel is not fully to your liking. That is perfectly ok, as the other side of the globe has something great to offer. The world of anime and manga is immensely rich with all sorts of superheroes, villains, and magical creatures, giving you a chance to go on an adventure and let your imagination run wild.

It is no secret that the Japanese market cultivates a unique, instantly recognizable aesthetic that may or may not be easy for you to master. Character design, in particular, can be tricky for someone who only has a superficial knowledge of it. Faces, eyes, mouths, and even body proportions can differ widely from the Western canon. A young girl will look quite distinct when compared to a more mature female character and the matter of muscles will be approached differently in male characters created in Japan. An app covering all these details will be an indispensable part of your arsenal.

Some programs devoted to this style may go so far as to incorporate a few lessons in animation, which will prove incredibly useful to anyone looking to develop their skills even further. Learning how to get your superheroes moving won't be as complicated as you think.

Watch Video Tutorials to Perfect Your Craft

Speaking of animation, it is important to discuss how the lessons in drawing superheroes will be presented in each app. There are two modes that are most commonly used. The first is the traditional, animated tutorial in which each step is presented so that you can easily follow and repeat it. This will enable you to absorb each segment intuitively - until it becomes second nature.

The other way of presenting the material is through video tutorials. Granted, this will be a bit rarer as such apps will either need a constant Internet connection in order to stream the clips - or a vast amount of storage on your portable device in order to store them. Still, if a real, human tutor is something you prefer, they could be worth looking for.

Of course, all of this will have to function in a language you can understand - be it your first or one you have acquired later in life. Certain artistic terminology can be tricky to grasp so only an app that you are able to fully comprehend will be of use to you. Once you got that sorted out, it's time to help Batman with his flying skills.

Pick a Universal App & Work Anywhere

Still, before you jump right into it, there are some purely technical matters we need to address. Today, nearly everyone will own more than a couple of gadgets. Working on each and every one of those will only be possible if your new favorite app is able to deal with more than one operative system. An iPad and an Android phone will, obviously, require a different protocol.

Since drawing superheroes is a visually-oriented process, you will also have to consider your screen resolution and how the software in question may adapt to the size of your display. Some apps have a tendency to go a bit wonky once they are faced with a different device so make sure this problem is not present on the software you download.

Internet connectivity is another important factor, especially if you intend to store your art on a free cloud service or perhaps share it through social media platforms. An app that can manage this should be a priority, all while also offering good protection from intruders.

With our advice on how to Find Apps to Master Drawing Superheroes, you can now explore the Best 10 Apps for Learning How to Draw Superheroes, and rest assured you will make the right pick.

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