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Find Apps to Help Learn How to Play Drums

Difficulty of Learning Drums

Many people say that learning the drums is one of the hardest things to do in the world. While this is probably an over-exaggeration, it definitely could be one of the hardest things to do in music. However, can't we all admit that it's one of the coolest instruments to play? So, all of that effort to learn might just be worth it. When you begin learning the drums, start with the end in mind. Picture yourself on the stage rocking out with your favorite band. That will help get you through the tough beginning stages of learning. 

Now, most people learn drums with a teacher, tutor, or band instructor. But, in one way or another, all of these things cost a lot of money. So, whether you're musically inclined or it's the first instrument you're trying to learn, it takes hours of practice, hundreds of dollars, and careful study. Plus, you'll need somewhere to practice where people won't be bothered by your amateur (and loud) efforts. 

Mobile Apps for Learning Drums

While learning the drums can be loud, time-consuming, and expensive, what if there was a way you could learn the drums more effectively? What if you could learn the drums from your phone? Fortunately, there are actually mobile apps for learning drums that are just as effective as an expensive class. Learning drums from your phone might seem impossible, but these apps actually bring about a convenience that you never thought possible with the drums. 

Instead of spending a lot of money and time on drum lessons, all you need is a phone and a drumset. In some cases, you won't even need a drumset. Depending on the app you choose, there are a variety of things to learn. You can start by finding sheet music to your favorite songs, enjoying helpful tutorials, and even connecting with friends to jam out or learn from experts.  

Sheet Music for Songs

While learning the drums might be difficult, you're probably learning because you want to have fun, right? That's why apps for learning the drums often include the sheet music, or even simple versions, for your favorite songs. Why play the drums if you can't jam out to some of the most famous songs in the history of rock'n'roll? Just imagine tossing your drumsticks in the air after you crush a favorite drum solo. 

Now, I know you think that learning notes and playing real songs sounds pretty difficult, but you can still enjoy playing famous songs even as you're learning. Many of these apps can help you learn how to read sheet music if you haven't learned already. Plus, they'll have easier versions of the notes that you can learn even before you can fully read sheet music. So even if you're a beginner, the fun isn't far away. 

Proper Technique & Style

Furthermore, these apps for learning the drums will take you far beyond sheet music and into what makes a true rock star: style, flare, and your own unique spin or flawless technique. You see, drumming is about a lot more than just hitting every note. You're the heart and soul of the band: you have to bring the show, the star-power, and the flare. But how do you learn that through your phone?

With entertaining videos, interviews with rockstars, and step-by-step tutorials, you can learn the same drumming techniques as the pros. You can also check out a variety of styles and signature moves to figure out exactly what you'll do at your first concert, whether it's 5 people or 500. Even when you're not around your drumset, you can check these videos and activities out, fully immersing yourself in the world of drumming. Before you know it, you'll have your own unique flair to add to every hit song you're learning. 

Learning With Friends

Finally, on top of learning unique styles and techniques, mobile apps for learning the drums allow you to fulfill every rocker's goal. And that goal, of course, is being famous (at least within your own small circle). What's the point of getting good at the drums if you can't share videos of your progress with all of your friends, or even the world? These apps can help you stay with the times. Remember, in today's world, if there's not a video of you doing it online, then it obviously never happened.

Along with sharing videos of your progress, you can connect with other drummers to chat about your favorite songs, music videos, and drumming gurus. By connecting with other people attempting to learn the drums, you can find encouragement and even make new friends. These apps are also a helpful connection to find a potential band or show to audition for. 

As it turns out, you really don't need expensive classes to chase your rock'n'roll dreams. Whether you're trying to learn a new hobby or begin the long journey to stardom, mobile apps for learning the drums are a musical coach in your pocket.