File Sharing: Understanding the Rave

The Popularity of File Sharing Apps

File sharing is the transfer of data between two or more devices. In general, there are two file sharing methods: peer-to-peer transfer and cloud-based synchronization. All other forms are variations of these two.

For years, man has been on the hunt for new, faster, and more stable ways to transfer data. Consider the use of infrared technology in sharing files between smartphone devices. The Bluetooth technology later replaced the Infrared. Though Bluetooth is still much in use on smartphones, it isn't the primary technology for file sharing. This honor often belongs to the Wi-Fi network, file sharing apps, cloud-based synchronization, and more.

File sharing apps help you tap into the full potential of your device's file-sharing hardware. These apps are more popular than ever as we're increasingly using our smartphones to execute more of our daily tasks. More people now watch movies, take photographs, surf the internet, listen to music, and play games over their phones.

The Android OS restrictions on file sharing aren't as rigid as those of iOS. For years, it was difficult for iPhone users to share files with other iPhone or Android users. Now, thanks to file-sharing apps such as Xender, one can do this offline without breaking a sweat. You can share your favorite music or your new cooking app with both friends and family within seconds. 

The Pros & Cons of File Sharing

Though file sharing comes with some benefits, it does have its disadvantages.

Advantages of File Transfer

You can save on data costs using a top file sharing app.

It offers users convenience, as they can access their data across multiple platforms and devices.

It's a time saver.

Disadvantages of File Transfer

There's a chance that your device can get infected after transferring corrupt files. That's why we recommend having an antivirus app and transferring data from only trusted sources. 

When many think about file-sharing, they often wonder if it's legal. Yes, to a large extent, file sharing is permitted, provided you don't infringe on copyright laws. For instance, photos are one of the most shared files on smartphones. Many top selfie apps employ this knowledge to create improved user experience, as one can easily share their pictures after a shot without leaving the selfie app. Sharing photos you took with your device or one made with another and shared with you through peer-to-peer connection is legal.

Files that are illegal to share come with a copyright warning or a fair use license. Often, this warning is only restricted to the country where they are issued.

The fact that file sharing is legal means one also has to be wary of contents shared. For instance, the UK and the US view peer-to-peer transfer as non-infringing. This means if you share sensitive or private content online, you have limited rights on how the receiver uses it. 

How to Share Files Securely

Sharing your files offline is fairly secure. If someone gets into your network, you'll receive a notification. The problem lies with online sharing. In a bid to save costs, many people use unknown cloud-based synchronization platforms, then fall prey to hackers. It's best to use a reputable platform such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Top photo recovery apps make use of these networks for their high security and seamless integration. Also, all connections on such networks get real-time feedback on every edit you make.

It's crucial to note that only a few sharing networks offer end-to-end encryption. And avoid sharing sensitive files on a public network.

What to Look for in a File Sharing App

Here are the features of the best file sharing apps.

Fast Transfer Speed

When considering a file-sharing app, consider going for one that provides you with fast upload and download speed. Speeds of over 6mbps are reasonably fast for any offline transfer. For an online transfer, your transfer speed largely depends on your network strength.

Supports All File Types

A top file sharing app supports all file types. You can transfer files such as videos, apps, documents, photos, and audios without fail. This feature also extends to the file format.

Multiple Connections

A top transfer app supports simultaneous transfer between various devices. A single device often serves as the host network for others.

Seamless Integration With Other Platforms

The transfer shouldn't be limited to similar devices or networks. This feature has always been a point of criticism on iOS although using top sharing apps can help you work around such. These apps don't just provide you with the option to transfer files between a variety of devices, but also affects transfers across other platforms. You can use a single app to share data with smartphones, computers, or cloud-based storage. 

File sharing helps you stay connected with the world. We should only receive files from trusted sources, limit our transfer of sensitive data, and have an antivirus installed on our devices. Here's our pick of the top file sharing apps for smartphones. 

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