Farm Tractor Driving Simulator

Life on the Farm

Before the invention of the tractor, farming was a lot more strenuous and, even more importantly, very expensive. Before tractors, farmers typically used horses and mules to pull the plow that helped harvest crops. It was better than pulling the plow using man-power, but it necessitated a lot of extra feed and care for the animals. For instance, horses and mules consumed resources and man-power all year round. It's estimated that each animal consumed about 6 acres of land/crops per year, so using animal power was very costly. Instead of getting to sell the corn or grain or whatever crop from that 6 acres, the farmers would have to use it to feed their animals. Once the tractor was invented, farmers could use all of that extra land for harvested crops to sell. Also, tractors only used resources and man-power while they were running, instead of constantly as an animal would. Farmers' standing in the economy increased greatly as the tractor became more mainstream. 

Evolution of Tractors

Even though tractors made an immediate impact on the farming industry, the originals tractors had a lot of room for improvement. Since the earliest tractors were large, unwieldy machines powered by steam, they were not all that practical. They weighed around 50,000 pounds each and required almost constant attention to maintain. They were hard to operate and not ideal for the muddy conditions of most fields. However, automobile companies quickly began making improvements on the machines, which led to a much cheaper and easy-to-operate tractor that was unveiled in the 1920s. 

The uses and benefits of the tractor were twofold: they could harvest crops much more quickly and also cover ground faster, so farmers could oversee more of their operation in a shorter amount of time than ever before. Even today, the tractor continues to be a constant on every farm, and large machine companies are working to better their equipment in order to make farming more efficient and profitable. There are now tractors controlled by satellite activity, drone flying, and computer programming so that farmers can harvest more quickly, specifically, and productively than ever before. 

Tractor Simulators

These advances in tractor technology were not just useful in harvesting crops, though. Advances in technology also allowed for the creation of tractor simulators, which were very helpful in the training of farmers. Before tractor simulators, farmers in training would have to spend time on the tractor cruising over the actual fields, which created a bit of a dilemma for existing farmers. In order to train a young farmer on the tractor, the more experienced farmer would have to allow the new farmer to harvest existing crops, which put them at risk and allowed for a higher potential of lost profits. It also meant allowing the inexperienced farmer to hop on a working John Deere and learn how to operate it, which was another risk. As tractors are not in cheap supply, teaching someone how to operate one was risking precious merchandise for current farmers in many ways. Tractor simulators allowed inexperienced farmers to work on their skills without putting profits at risk. 

Tractor Simulator Games

Even though popular opinion states that technology risks putting farmers out of business, rises in tractor technology greatly helped anyone who made money off the land. The popular use of the tractor and training simulators quickly led to tractor simulator games as well. Popular video games like Farming Simulator on Xbox and Playstation came out, which has now released 19 editions in this century. For people who find farming fascinating but were never interested in pursuing actual agricultural careers, Farming Simulator 19 and other such video games are a very popular (and realistic) alternative. With impressive sale numbers, farming simulation video games are some of the most popular simulation-type video games of the 2000s. Although farming may seem like a mundane profession to some, the fantasy of owning and working a virtual farm proved very popular in gaming culture. 

Tractor Simulator Mobile Apps

Along with farm simulation video games, tractor simulator games became very popular mobile apps as well. These farming game apps, like the popular phenomenon Farmville, swept social media quickly and led to the creation of similar tractor simulation games. These mobile apps combine the fun of running a farm and the adventures behind the wheel of a tractor. From hauling cargo to transporting animals to harvesting crops, these mobile apps allow you to become the one running farm operations and taking care of the day-to-day tasks. Just like farming in real life, the tasks might be more difficult and exhilarating than you think. You'll even have the chance to connect with other players online and perform multiplayer tasks. Tractor simulator mobile apps are one of the best ways to enjoy free time on your phone whether you're bored at work, stuck on the bus or train, or just hanging around the house.  

Farming and tractors have always been a fascinating subject, and mobile tractor simulator apps continue the trend in exciting harvesting action.