Enjoy Top-Notch Graphics with The Best Real-Time Multiplayer Strategy Games

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games have been around for a long time, ever since the early ‘90s.

From the golden age of games like Starcraft to today, although the genre isn’t as strong as before, gamers around the world are still playing.

One thing we often ignore about RTS games is graphics. The issue is that there’s so much happening on the screen, it’s hard to insert great graphics into the mix.

But is it? We bring you 3 mobile RTS games that are finding that golden middle between great gameplay and stunning graphics for you to enjoy.

1. Art of War 3 - Old-School RTS on Your Phone

If you’re a real RTS fan, you’ve sadly noticed a decline of true RTS games. We noticed as well and that’s the reason we included Art of War 3.

Besides great graphics, the game pays respect to classics such as Command & Conquer keeping the genre alive.

If you’re a fan of the RTS games that we see less and less today, definitely try this one.

2. Dawn of Titans - Unique Gameplay & Fantastic Visuals

Considering how much is going on in this game - from lightning bolts to hundreds of tiny soldiers moving around, it’s a wonder Dawn of Titans works on a phone.

But, that’s not the real cherry on the top. The best part is the unique mix of RTS gameplay and MOBA-like heroes.

Besides the regular army, you have a gigantic titan that feels awesome to control. Plus, smashing everything looks terrific.

3. Star Wars™: Commander - Nostalgic Star Wars Graphics

Star Wars™: Commander is like Clash of Clans but, well, with a Walker instead of giants destroying everything in their path.

Yes, there are many similarities, but what we feel Star Wars does right is the gameplay system.

Although the game does send sell offers, you can truly enjoy the game without spending a cent. Plus, the graphics have a real Star Wars feel. What’s not to like?

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Best 10 Real Time Multiplayer Strategy Games

So how about it? Interested in joining the fight while enjoying the best graphics mobile RTS games have to offer?

Oh, before we forget. If you want to check even more RTS games, check out The Best 10 Real-Time Multiplayer Strategy Games.

You can quickly browse through every single game and find out everything you need without wasting time to download to figure out the game isn’t for you.

Have fun playing and try not to drool as you enjoy the fantastic visual experience.

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