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Drinking Card Games

Fun Drinking Card Games

If you're hosting or attending a house party, drinking card games can be your main source of entertainment. They're designed to get people to mingle, drink more enjoyably, and stir things up. Do you ever remember going to a party that had alcohol for everyone, but no entertainment? These can be tough social situations, especially for people who are not necessarily avid drinkers. 

Alcohol can help ease the tension of social interaction and help everyone have a more enjoyable time (for the most part), but many people find it hard to socialize right from the start. That's why an entertaining drinking game is often a nice ice-breaker to help everyone loosen up and get to know each other. And for people who don't enjoy drinking alcohol, drinking card games can be fun to watch or even to participate in without consuming alcohol. 

Drinking Card Game Mobile Apps

However, the problem with drinking card games is that they require cards. Whether they are regular playing cards or specific cards for party games like Cards Against Humanity, physical cards can be a hassle. Think about 10 of your drunk friends taking care of a card game that you paid money for. Then think about that outdoor deck where you like to gather for drinking games. One wrong move can result in a card going between the boards and underneath the deck lost, forever. 

Drinking card mobile apps, however, avoid all of this hassle. Everyone can simply download the game on their phones and play together through online connectivity. This allows for easier seating arrangements and a more laid back atmosphere overall. If you really want to be organized, you can send a group text with the link to the app, which will ease the download and setup process. With everyone playing the same game on their phones, people don't have to crowd around a tiny table or worry about losing an essential piece to the game. 

Entertaining Guests

While these mobile app drinking games can really reduce the hassle of drinking card games, they are also a great way to entertain your guests for hours. It can be hard to get people interested in an organized game when the party starts, but if you send them the link to the apps, they'll come to the party ready to play. They might even try some of the apps out at home so that they come prepared with their favorite choices. 

Also, a great host always has multiple entertainment options. Instead of getting out a bunch of cards or organizing a bunch of cups for one specific game, mobile apps offer you a variety. You can easily begin one game, play for a while, and then switch to another app. This will keep the party vibes going without any of the guests getting annoyed or bored with one particular game. When having a lot of different people in one setting, variety is a major key. 

Touch-Free Entertainment

Along with a variety of fun choices, mobile drinking card games also give you the freedom to provide touch-free fun for all of your guests. One thing that some guests don't enjoy about party games is how everyone is in a crowded space, drinking, snacking carelessly, and touching on cups and cards that everyone shares. However, mobile apps provide touch-free entertainment so you can provide a more sterile environment that won't ward away any guests. 

With mobile drinking games, members of the same team won't even have to touch the same materials. All of the cards are shown to everyone virtually on their respective phones, and everyone can have their own glass for shots. For example, games like Heads Up (which goes by a variety of names), have always been party favorites. These games used to involve licking the back of cards and sticking them to your forehead so that you couldn't see the card, but everyone else could. However, in this modern era, there's no need for careless germ-passing like that, especially in a larger party crowd. Cell phone games provide germ-free fun, just like many other drinking card game mobile apps. 

Connecting Online

Furthermore, you really don't even have to attend the party to enjoy these drinking card game apps. If you can't make it or you're out of town, you can still link up with your friends online. All you need is your smartphone, some alcohol, and a video chat (optional), and you can join the same drinking game your friends are playing at a party. Or, if the whole group is stuck at their respective houses for whatever reason, everyone can join a video chat to play these mobile drinking games. 

They feature chat spaces on the apps so even friends who aren't together can enjoy conversation during the games. Therefore, all you really need is a few cups, a few friends or couples, and these drinking card game mobile apps. You'll be having a great time with friends in your living room or around the world. 

Maybe you love to party but don't love the crowds. Or maybe you love to host, but don't love to risk losing a bunch of cards everywhere. Entertain your guests with a variety of fun and convenient drinking card game apps.