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Don't Know Which Photo Editor To Use? Here's A Guide For You

Simple Photo Apps For Everyday Use

If you aren't a fan of sharing raw photos straight from your phone camera and always feel the need to at least tweak photos a bit, then a simple image editor app will do. Most likely, the photo-sharing app you're using, such as Instagram or Flickr, already has some built-in editing tools that you can use to enhance your every post. Adding filter effects to your photo can make it miles better than the original. Other editing tools that are at your disposal when using photo-sharing apps include brightness and sharpness adjustment, cropper tool, color adjustment, and the ability to include frames. Some are even capable of adding special effects, which brings another level of creativity to the photos. 

However, there are other simple online photo editing apps that you can use apart from the built-in tools of your photo-sharing media platform. These applications are so easy to use that you don't need a tutorial to navigate them. Using such an application offers further editing options such as exposure, saturation, and contrast adjustment. Simple online image editor apps are perfect for applications where you only need to make minor adjustments to your photos to make them pop. 

Use Free Photo Editing App For Casual Editing

There are many reasons why people need to use photo editor applications, and one reason could be to develop skills to become a professional photo editor. If you're just starting out, the best online editor tools that you can use to practice casual editing are free image editor software. These free versions are great to establish the needed familiarity and proficiency to the most commonly used editing tools professional editors use. Furthermore, free editing apps come with fundamental features needed to make a raw photo look professionally processed. One skill that you can master is the layering of multiple images to create one cohesive and seamless image. These features are mostly supported by free tools so you can practice all you want to perfect this skill.

Also, some other features, apart from the basic ones, that are present with free image editing software include the brush, eraser, and ribbon, which are essential when you need to cut out a portion of an image and transfer it to another image. These tools are used to retouch the image to eliminate minor imperfections of the raw file. Without a doubt, free apps are useful to establish one's adeptness for photo editing. 

Photo Filter Apps to Enhance Images Instantly

One of the popular trends in enhancing images is the use of image filters. A filter is used to change the overall appearance of an image or just a portion of it. What it does is alter the shades and colors of the pixels to achieve a certain style and/or theme. Filters are mostly used as pixel editor to change the brightness, contrast, texture, and tone of a raw image. Before filters were invented, altering the image to get a certain feel is time-consuming, not to mention labor-intensive. But since filter apps are developed, all you need to do now is to just click the filter template that you want and it will instantly give you the processed photo. Some of the most widely used filters are Clarendon, Gingham, Juno, Lark, and Valencia.

In fact, photo filter apps are just as varied as photo-editing apps. There are free versions and there are premium paid versions where users are given more features to play and experiment with their photos. If you need hassle-free editing that only requires a second of your time to turn bland images to dazzling ones, photo filter apps sure are a must-have in your phone. 

Collage Photo Apps To Show More Than One Picture

Another hot trend in posting images on social media is to showcase photo collages. A collage is a collection of photos put together in such a way that each photo is shown occupies a portion of the bigger picture. Collages are perfect to present a series of photos that tell a story, which is otherwise difficult to achieve using only a single image. It can also be used to collate a collection of images that share a certain theme. 

What's good about photo collage editor apps is that, just like filter apps, you don't have to allot hours just to make a single collage. All you have to do is to select the images you want to include and the application will instantly make the collage for you. There are many collage templates to choose from and users are free to choose the one they think will showcase their photos in the best possible light. Some apps even have the feature to create a customized collage template, which is good for users who love to experiment. If you prefer to be particularly extra, you can go ahead and purchase a version where you can include online effects to your photo collages for that extra oomph. 

Professional Photo Apps to Develop Skills

Perhaps the best editing software that you can get your hands on are professional photo editing applications. Suffice it to say that a professional app is like a full studio for photo editors where all the needed tools are available. Using a pro photo software, such as Photoshop, allows you to do all sorts of things. You can do photo adjustments like scale image, change pixel quality, and change background. You can also try doing more advanced techniques such as compositing where you add images to pictures and make them look like one. Adding effects that aren't possible under normal conditions is also doable using a pro app. Most pro apps also have a magic wand where selecting pixels are much easier for tone and color adjustment purposes.

So, if you already have the fundamental skills for photo editing, then moving on to professional software opens up a whole new possibility for your improvement as a graphic artist. Not only will you be able to produce high-quality photos that you can use for your portfolio, but knowing how to use one makes you a more credible artist overall. Professional photo editing skills are highly sought after by brands who want some of the best artists to do their marketing or advertising materials. Hence, if you are serious to become a full-fledged graphic artist, you should invest and learn how to use professional photo apps. 

As you can see, there are all sorts of photo editing apps available in the market today, from amateur apps to professional software. Depending on your needs or for what purpose you intend to use the photo, a perfect app is surely there waiting for you to discover. Browse through our Best 10 Apps for Photo Editing and see which one is likely your next best companion to make extraordinary photos for your day to day use.