Discover the Best Apps for Hiking Maps

Discover the Best Apps for Hiking Maps

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Hiking is a great hobby for many reasons. Getting fresh air, enjoying the scenery around you, being in nature, and the great thing is you can hike virtually anywhere in the world. And, with apps, you can take your hiking experience to the next level. Read on to hear about great apps that can help you enjoy any hiking adventure.

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There is nothing better than leaving the city, work, and the busy of life to go for a weekend in the backcountry camping and hiking. So, whether you pack the car and head to a state or national park, or just going to the great outdoors, apps can help you. Apps can help find a great camping spot, how to help you enjoy a hike, and even get you back to your campsite. For instance, there are apps like Oh Ranger! Park Finder that can help you pick the perfect park to go camping and hiking. This app has an extensive list of parks all around the US, as well as information about amenities and activities at each park. 

So, once you have set up your tent and organized your site, it's time to pull out your phone and find trails near you for a nice hike.  Apps like Hiking Project give you over 70,000 miles of trails to choose from and use GPS to find the trails closest to you. The best way to enjoy a nice hike is to be able to pick which trail you want to hike from a map, and even better from a map app. Of course, you'll need to know the length and level of difficulty of the trail you decide on. That way, you know what supplies you need to bring on the hike as well as how much. An important example, if you go on a 6-hour hike, you're going to need more than one small bottle of water, therefore, it's crucial to know information about each trail before you start. 

If traveling around the world for some of the most famous and stunning hikes is on your bucket list, then you should download some apps as your guide to these life-changing experiences. For example, a month-long hiking trail from the south of France and across Northern Spain, known as the Camino de Santiago, is an adventure of a lifetime. Crossing the Pyrenees mountains, walking through vineyards of the Rioja region, and landing on the town of Compostela can be a story you tell for the rest of your life. So having an app like The Camino Guide would be a perfect companion. 

If hiking the Appalachian Trail in the US has always been on your bucket list, then you can download Appalachian Trail to get information about the trail, where the next rest stop is and any other information you need. Traveling the world has never been easier and with apps, you can safely enjoy even the most remote trails knowing that your phone's app can guide your way. 

Now hiking map apps not only help you with the navigation of trails, but they can also be a safety tool if needed. Most map apps can use the GPS tracker on your phone to identify where you are. So, if there is an unfortunate and unexpected emergency and you have an app like Spyglass downloaded on to your phone, you can be found by your GPS coordinates. This app is a great tool for hiking as it features maps, a compass, and GPS tracking, therefore, no matter what happens you can find your way to safety or safety personnel can find you. 

In addition, you can purchase a Garmin tracking device that has a corresponding app for your phone. These devices can have cool features like an electric compass, high-resolution camera, topographic maps, and a barometric altimeter. With all these features, you can upload them to your app and store each hike's information on your phone. 

The most important feature you want from your hiking map app is to have an offline mode. There will be countless hikes you want to do that will be in an area lacking an Internet connection. Therefore, you will need an app that has maps you can download to use while offline. Of course, most apps will have this feature as it is a crucial part of hiking in the great outdoors, but you will want to check reviews of other users to see how accurate the offline maps are. 

The worst thing to happen is you download an offline map that is outdated or not very accurate and places you a 1/2 mile away from your correct location. Therefore, downloading one of the best hiking apps that feature offline maps like ViewRanger Skyline is the best way for you to know your specific location at any time during your hiking adventures. 

Other features that hiking apps can deliver are things like a topographic map, so you know what kind of terrain to expect on your hike. You can also find apps with a compass, a social aspect where hikers can share photos with each other, and logging points and routes along the hike. But if you're not the avid hiker, you just want to enjoy a nice leisurely hike in the woods, you can download a free app that still features an offline mode so you have peace of mind while you enjoy the scenery.  

So the next time you plan a big hiking adventure, or just decide to enjoy being in nature for the afternoon, keep these tips in mind and download a hiking map app that works best for you. In fact, here you can check out the top 10 hiking map apps to see if any of those are perfect for your next hiking adventure. 

  • Explore the outdoors: hiking trail maps, bike trails, camping & backpacking maps

    4.8 Ratings 494K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Amazing. The solution i always wanted. You can use it on your desktop (website) or mobile (app) to find great hikes everywhere in the world. You can search hikes based on distance, hike type, etc. You can view hike pictures and download the hike GPX file and upload to your smartwatch. You can create your own hikes with their website tools! They have trails that you can use as you build your hikes that are not available on Google maps or Garmin Web maps.
      liron nehmadi


  • Plan, navigate, and stay safer in the woods. Topo maps and trails for hikers.

    4.7 Ratings 15K+ Reviews 500K+ Downloads
    • 👇🏼My favorite feature is the historical 1900 and 1930 maps, which premium users can overlay atop modern maps with adjustable translucency. 💡⚠️ In the Great Earthquake of 1904, San Francisco, the North American and Pacific Continental Plates abruptly shifted SO violently, THE ENTIRE CITY SUDDENLY MOVED 💥20 FEET💥 NORTHWEST*, in 60 SECONDS!! ↖️💥🌉🏙↖️🏢🌇🏬↖️🏙🏘💥↖️ 👀😲😱 (*according to the Point Reyes brochure from NPS, as Point Reyes island marks a visibly obvious split ↔️on the Pacific Plate perfectly along the San Andreas Fault↕️ across from the NA Plate.) Here’s the awesome part: I used Gaia GPS to overlay the 1930 map over the 1900 map of the San Francisco area AND SURE ENOUGH, all the lines and everything appears shifted a bit to the north!!! Incredible!!😲😲🗺👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 The possibilities of what you can do with this app are endless, especially on an iPad. It makes Google Maps look like a children’s toy. Like the emperor said: “Now witness the power of my fully operational battle station.”😁
      Syclone Josh


  • Find hiking trails and bike rides, navigate with GPS, and save offline topo maps

    4.3 Ratings 43K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • I've been using the free version for a few years now for occasional use. I download the map tile before I leave home (avoiding resolution issues in oiur signal areas) and maybe a walk or two. It hasn't let me down. Thanks developers!
      Accurate Dumb


  • Route planner, voice nav & offline maps for your cycling and hiking experiences.

    4.6 Ratings 153K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Fantastic app. I just completed my first ride following the app. I picked a random highlight, set it to "mountain bike" and off I went. I didn't realise how beautiful my local area is. Planning my next outing. Really impressed. Totally considering the premium version. Not because I need it, but because the developer deserves my money! ;)
      Chris Devine


  • Avenza Maps is a powerful offline map viewer with a connected in-app Map Store

    4.7 Ratings 92K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • This app is great, we all use it at camp to navigate on the SxS rides . Haven't got lost yet. Only thing is I got a new cell and lost all my pins and rides. Great app ez to use.
      Harley Plumbing


  • GPS for marine, hiking, off road, trail navigation. FREE offline maps and charts

    4.5 Ratings 38K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • I am very impressed with the tools that I am given with this app. Theres a little bit of a learning curve but that's because I'm a little bit of an idiot, it is very straightforward and it should be coming in very handy when I need it.
      crimsonfox87 fluxule


  • GPS navigation app for hiking, biking, geocaching and other outdoor activities

    4.3 Ratings 44K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • Excellent maps, much more detail and more accurate than google maps, really good for hiking, shows contours and lots of minor tracks. Very easy to open gpx files. Works offline. Some of the functions are hard to find in the menus though.
      Brigid Sealy


  • Your comprehensive guide to the best hikes near you, wherever you are.

    4.3 Ratings 3K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • Great app with realistic descriptions and pictures of the trails. I like to hike with my dog and I appreciate knowing which trails are not appropriate or safe for my canine friend.
      Lea Chidlow


  • Use Android as a handheld GPS for the outdoors with offline topo maps.

    4.1 Ratings 5K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • Love this app its perfect for what I use it for, couldnt ask for a better type app for this Nice Work
      Just Here


  • Offline maps, Travel, POI, Transit & Navigation based on OpenStreetMap data

    4.6 Ratings 84K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Not for idiots. Just use wayze mental manlet. If you have more than one brain cell and are not lazy you can figure this out. No real restrictions as far as I’ve found. Very nice app keep improving and allowing open source maps.
      Hungry trucker


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