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🎮 Discover Teen Gaming Trends with The Best Newspaper Apps

A few decades ago, the gaming industry was young and games were nothing more than a fun and new way to spend time.

But today, the gaming market is worth more than the music and movie industry combined. Although teens love music and TV shows, they seem to like video games more.

We bring you four trends in the gaming industry that show how impactful the gaming industry is.

1. Games Dominate the App Market

If we take App Store alone, 77% of apps in 2018 were mobile games

What's more interesting is the fact this is a decline since back in 2010, games made 90% of the total iOS app market.

Finally, even though App Store is declining in the number of downloads in comparison to Google Play, but is still holding the spending numbers.

2. Games Make 75% of App Spending

With such dominance on the market, it is surprising to find out that games make only 31% of total downloads.

But in the last 10 years, games took a staggering 75% of total spendings in the iOS market.

This also brings us to the youngest gamers who are moving their gaming (and spending) to mobile exclusively.

3. Teens Annually Spend $215

In 2018, 14% of annual teen spendings went on games and the average teen spent around $215.

Although only around 28% of that went on mobile games, they are no longer reserved for casual gamers only.

28% might not seem much, but in 2018 mobile games overtook the global market from PC and console games.

4. Teens Love Strategies & Puzzle

Since mobile games are overtaking the industry, it's interesting to see which games were the most popular.

In 2017, the most popular mobile games were strategies and puzzle games with 62% of teens playing them

This is another interesting discovery since it shows that teens are mostly interested in games that require thinking, planning and strategizing.

Take the war with you! With real-time multiplayer strategy games, you can battle in high-definition graphics and challenging gameplay anywhere, anytime!

Real Time Multiplayer Strategy Games

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Thanks to gamers worldwide, there seems to be no stopping to the gaming industry's growth, especially since we didn't even consider the rising popularity of virtual reality.

It's impossible to say what the future holds, so it is important and also interesting to stay in the loop with the trends.

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