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Generation Z is at the job doorstep and many teens will have to decide what do they want from life and their career.

It's easy to dismiss them as inexperienced and lazy, but according to research, they are far more optimistic than Generation X was or even Millennials.

We bring you three Gen Z career preferences that shed some light on what path the future workforce might take.

1. Purpose Before Paycheck

Many will dismiss as daydreaming, but for 74% of teens, purpose comes before the paycheck in comparison to 70% of millennials and 66% of Gen X.

If they manage to keep this view, they have a higher chance of doing something worthwhile in their life.

Unlike Millennials who are mostly jumping from one opportunity to another, Gen Z wants to create an attachment to their work.

2. Overtime Isn't a Problem

Speaking of generation comparison, it seems Gen Z has more in common with Baby Boomers than with Millennials, the tech-savvy older brother.

While only 41% of Millennials are willing to work at night for a bigger salary, 58 of Gen Z don't have a problem with that.

This is also an indicator of the need to succeed, but it brings the question if this will result in exploiting the young workforce.

3. The Entrepreneur Generation

Although this might be the effect of the Internet success phenomenon, Gen Z seems to be the most success-oriented generation.

Besides regular job opportunities, 41% of teens want to become an entrepreneur and start a business in comparison to 32% of other generations.

Finally, around half of them believe their business idea will change the World for the better in one way or the other.

Considering the results, it seems many teens are highly optimistic and willing to work hard for success.

Will they break or will they go on to become the most successful generation is left to see.

If you choose to stay informed, you can pick one of The Best 10 Business Magazine Apps and see how this unravels in the course of the next few years.

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