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By Feb 17, 2019

With new fans coming, traditional sports are falling behind, the definition of sports is changing, and eSports are taking over. Thus, the way The Best 10 Apps for Sports News, Scores & Highlights provide news is adapting as well.

Ever since Ancient Greece, sports were a way to physically compete with other people to see who is the best.

But with Generation Z and the overflow of digital tools, digital is overtaking the cornerstone of real-life competition - sports.

Like communication and work, sports is also entering the digital era and this is directly influenced by the young audience.

We bring you three teen trends that are steadily reshaping what sports are.

1. Traditional Sports Are Boring

Watching traditional sports like football, basketball and baseball have always been the favorite pass time activity for many generations.

But 52% of young men between the age of 13 and 21 prefer watching eSports like Fortnite or Call of Duty over traditional sports.

This makes them the first generation that prefers new sports and this is reshaping how we perceive what sports are.

2. Sport Isn't Physical Activity

Speaking of what sports are. Since the dawn of humanity, all sports had one thing in common; they were physical activities.

But teens no longer see it as such as 76% think practiced skills define a sport and not necessarily physical activity.

This means there will no longer be a difference between kicking a ball with your foot or by pressing a button.

3. eSports Are Taking Over

2020 will mark 100 birthday of NFL, but around that time another big thing might happen.

According to research, by 2021, eSports will be one of the most viewed sports in the US, just falling behind the NFL.

Finally, it is also no wonder eSports might soon be part of the Olympic Games and many fans use apps like Strafe to follow the latest news about their favorite teams.

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The current changes indicate we'll have to make room for digital sports in the media and on the field.

Sports news outlets are realizing the shift and many of The Best 10 Apps for Sports News, Scores & Highlights are including eSports news in their daily feeds.

The question that remains is: as the generation that prefers eSports grows, how long until football or soccer video games replace actual football or soccer on the screen?

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