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From 2016 to 2017 nearly every mainstream news media faced an audience downfall

The circulation of newspapers fell 11%, cable TV audience had 12% fewer people watching, and digital news media faced 5% less unique visitors.

So what is the reason for this slow but steady shift? We bring you three young generation trends that are directly impacting the way we consume daily news.

1. Virtual & Augmented Reality

While classic articles (like this one) are being written, around 48% of millennials and 47% of Gen Z are moving towards virtual reality news.

Young people prefer observing over reading, so it doesn't come as a surprise that VR is slowly becoming a new way to get daily news.

Still in an early stage, but mainstream outlets like New York Times are trying to catch up to this trend and stay relevant.

2. Social Media - The No1 Source

For older generations, social media is a way to connect with friends and maybe get a laugh or two.

But for around 59% of Gen Z, media like Twitter and YouTube is also the preferred source of breaking news.

Instead of searching for news, the news finds them in the form of entertainment rather than being a separate activity.

3. News Literacy Education

This brings us to another trend many couldn't imagine happening just a decade ago. 

More and more American states are making information judging skills a requirement in elementary schools.

Fake news is overpopulating the Internet, so it's becoming essential to develop necessary critical thinking as early as possible.

With so many people moving to social media, it's no surprise you can find apps like Twitter or YouTube in The Best 10 Daily & Breaking News Apps.

This change can have both a positive and negative outcome. 

Fake news might make it impossible to get trustful information. 

But, the freedom for anyone to post news and opinions might result in a generation capable of recognizing biased information more than any generation before.

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