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Digital Security: Learn How E-Signature Protects Your Valuable Documents

Document Signing in Minutes

The use of electronic signatures has become a common practice with the use of emails, digital word-processing, and electronic signature tools. Now, you can sign and send your documents anywhere you are. This practice should only grow with the advent of mobile applications and several online and cloud-based document signature management software tools.

An electronic signature (e-signature) is any electronic sign attached to something (or a document, in this case) signifying an approval. An e-signature carries equal legitimacy, under legislation, as a physical signature even though there are still concerns about its security and validity.

With apps and software that allow you to sign documents in minutes, you are guaranteed of convenience and efficiency. E-signature offers you a stress-free sign every time, saving you the stress of using paper and pen. E-signature apps are similar to inventory control apps that automate the inventory process, saving organizations lots of productive time.

Save Time on Documents

E-signatures allow you to automate the document signing process, saving you lots of time and stress. Sending documents and contracts takes a lot of time, and there’s not so much improvement when you do so via email - the cycle of the print-sign-date-scan-email back can take all the time in the world. With an e-signature tool, several parties can sign a particular document without having to print and scan.

Electronic signatures offer a stress-free signing, without you having to worry about losing a document. These tools allow you to synchronize your documents with your cloud storage, saving you the time of searching through your filing system. Also, digital signature tools will enable you to sign documents securely, eliminating the fear of compromised documents.

Additionally, you can keep in touch with the other party in an agreement by sending reminders on the e-signature app. So if you want to sign documents in five minutes and do so securely, an electronic signature tool is your best bet. 

Document Security

Document security is paramount, especially when it concerns contract formation and business processes. However, not all forms of electronic signatures protect documents, and this is a huge concern for many people.

Digital signature (a form of e-signature) delivers reliability, authenticity, and integrity using software technology through a coded message unique to the signer and the document. Digital signatures offer a document security system that ensures a document cannot be altered without invalidating the digital signature.

There are e-signature apps that don’t offer digital signatures, so it's important always to check if a particular app meets your business need. As long as you don't share your digital signature login credentials with another person, a digital signature's software access requirements and tracking can make your documents more secure than hand-written signatures.

So the use of online signature tools will not only add convenience but provide digital security for your valuable documents. 

Business Efficiency

With e-signature tools, not only do you save time and protect relevant documents, you get to increase business efficiency. In recent years, many organizations have migrated toward using the Internet for communication, customer interaction, and recruitment processes. The result has been a boon in productivity and the ability to sign papers online will be no different.

How exactly does e-signature improve business efficiency? First, it deals with the traditional filing system that keeps piles of paperwork on workers’ desks, and a cluttered workspace negatively affects productivity. With few or no paper documents to deal with, workers become more organized and focused.

Also, integrating electronic signatures into the work processes will simplify business operations. Processing paper documents consumes a lot of time and interrupts your business process. Many businesses have reported an improved workflow with the integration of electronic signatures. Additionally, e-signatures save you a lot of money from printing and sending paper documents.

You can also save some time in your business operations by using apps for invoicing and payment processing to facilitate your business transactions.

Best Place to Get E-signature Apps

If you want to save time signing documents, getting an e-signature app is a necessity. There are several mobile apps out there that claim to offer the best electronic signing functionality. Before deciding on the app to download, you should consider your business needs and how well the app fits into them.

Some apps allow you to add an electronic signature to document without offering digital security while others offer both. So you can check out reviews of the best e-signature apps to inform your decision. The most popular apps include DocuSign, DottedSign, PDF Reader, Sign Doc, Signature Creator, and Adobe Fill & Sign.

Most of the apps mentioned above offer a password-protect feature that ensures only the right person can sign a document. Some apps go a step further by requiring the other party to receive a verification SMS to sign a document. You can install e-signature apps from Google PlayStore and iOS App Store, and sign documents faster.

As we have seen, you can save time, protect your documents, and increase business efficiency with the integration of electronic signatures into your business processes. Multiple types of research have associated productivity with less paperwork clutter in a workspace, and using e-signature apps to sign your documents electronically is a great way to achieve that. Check out our review of the Best Apps to Sign, Scan, and Send Documents to begin your journey to electronic signing.

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