Digital Collaboration: How Whiteboards Can Facilitate Workplace Collaboration

Transform Your Work Environment

The presence of collaborative tools is sure to improve the work environment for productivity without the expense of restructuring. Successful teams have demonstrated how the right tech can improve working conditions. Your team can be in a better place too.

There's so much you can achieve in your workspace with digital whiteboards. The whiteboard tool grants your team the interactive interface to create notes on a touch display. Unlike the physical whiteboard, multiple users can annotate, refer, and add to existing content in real-time.

As a matter of fact, many whiteboard solutions are readapting their framework to include work canvas, edit buttons, save, archives, and share features. This development says goodbye to the strenuous note-taking exercises during meetings. It also saves the pain of taking photos of notes on analog whiteboards or pasting the "Do Not Touch" warning to avoid erasure. This feature makes it easier for project teams to scribble, save, and pick up from activity threads of previous meetings.

Also, you can sync and access the digital whiteboard content on any of your smart devices ranging from laptops to phones. The luxury of sharing content across devices reduces downtime and delay in meeting agendas. Integration with input accessories like keyboard, mouse, stylus, and pens are also supported.

Real-Time Team Collaboration

The beauty of team collaboration resides wholly in team communication. Ideas, concepts, and creative designs are bound to evolve faster to execution when collaboration is seamless. This situation might not be very feasible on the analog whiteboard.

First, only an individual will be able to initiate content. A general reference to documents and images and emails distract project conversations. The analog approach is only as practical as team members' physical presence. The virtual whiteboards exceed these limits.

Many digital whiteboards have collaboration tools that allow you to write over documents, images, and other relevant content during meetings.

You can archive, distribute materials added, or cited throughout meetings.

So, as you create documents, you can view and annotate them on a full screen for all meeting participants to see. The investment value of a digital whiteboard lies in its ability to bring convenience and efficiency in meetings and teamwork.

Then at the end of each meeting, you can export the scribbled surface of your board as a jpg, PDF, or other supporting content formats. These exports can be attached to staff emails during project correspondence.

Maximizing the archive feature also has its benefits. Not all ideas and concepts might make it to execution. Just archive the draft, send it to staff and those working remotely. You can also leverage the cloud storage to access these archives for completion across your other devices later.

Seamless Workflow

From conception to execution, workflows embody the process of productive activities. Digital whiteboards can improve organizational workflows by simplifying their implementation. Organizing a workflow process can be cumbersome. Project management teams, customer success experts, and production unit leaders may find it challenging. It's laborious to keep multiple tabs on project plans and workflows on cardboard charts.

However, makers of digital whiteboards have gone the extra mile to help the team leaders with workflow optimization. Hence, you can demarcate a board's interface into several sections by departments or units. Then you can label them with sticky notes.

Your digital whiteboards won't interfere with workflows. Instead, they can help you create a visualization for clarity during meetings and team reports.

With a visual representation of all the workflow entails, teams get a picture of their roles in a current project. There is a status report on what is ongoing, what's been accomplished, and the next action. This approach will save time on countless meetings that could've been a visual report. Team leaders can save, resume, and edit additions to drafts. 

Upgrade Your Classroom Experience

Education is taking a massive turn across the globe. Teachers, education experts, and learning scientists desire better ways to connect with students. The old classroom experience may be getting outdated with chalkboards, papers, and whiteboard markers. With students growing in smart environments, education must consider these changes. Compressing the learning experience into static materials is not sure to guarantee learners' engagement.

Interactive digital boards create an attractive interface for students to learn. Its tools will help teachers unlock more learning possibilities. Teachers can explore the learning opportunities in movies, presentations, and graphics to boost learner engagement and creativity.

The Internet would also be a great resource on the digital board. Teachers can conduct searches and import previous lessons. Students tend to brainstorm and feel more included with the multimedia features of the board's visual interface.

In fact, a Yale University research reports that interactive class sessions on a digital whiteboard saw more student engagement. Students connected better with ideas, took more notes, and asked questions.

The seminar organizers can use digital whiteboards to train participants in a workshop.  

User-Friendly & Flexible

With a digital whiteboard, users can maximize meeting time and classroom sessions. The display screen encourages participants to brainstorm over ideas and concepts visually. You can connect yours with a projector. This connection makes it easy to point to an idea or image using a finger or onscreen tool.

The administration and account security have also been made easy. Many advanced digital boards require user registration. Admins would have super access and control to add users who'd view and collaborate. You can sign-in to access your work and archives. Your admin privileges allow you to manage whiteboard canvas, profiles, and content control over participants. 

We hope you've learned the collaboration possibilities with digital whiteboards. Upgrade your collaboration experience today. Choose from our list of Best Whiteboard Apps to start now.