Declutter Body & Mind 🙏 with The Best Meditation Apps

Yep, 30 minutes is more than enough, and that’s the upper number! In reality, it’s all up to you and it can be anything between 1 to 30 minutes.

Meditation is recognized by Western science to be a bulletproof way towards a happier life. As it turns out, regular meditation has a direct positive influence on amygdala - that’s where our brain creates emotions. If still doubtful, here are 5 amazing (and super scientific) facts you must know about meditation.

1. Your senses skyrocket

Meditation might be the only practice where you don’t do anything to do more. It increases focus, attention, multitasking, memory, creativity and other goodness. And, if you make the super combo by adding a daily workout, you’re one step away from superhuman. Feel free to check fantastic bodyweight workout apps as well.

2. Meditation makes mastering other skills super easy

Do you know your brain can grow and be better, stronger (and even sexier)? Regular meditation influences the number of grey cells in the brain, so it becomes easy to master new skills. You just need the meditation basics, and Meditation & Relaxation has a 7-day crash course! Don’t worry, the brain might grow, but you don’t need to buy a bigger hat.

3. Eliminates the stress monster

75 to 90% of doctor visits are for issues caused by stress! Bad physical health? Blame it on stress. Depression? Blame it on stress. Don’t feel like socializing? You guessed it, stress. There’s a sure way to stop the murderous monster besides healthy eating. Want to guess what it is? Hint: It starts with “M” and it isn’t McDonald’s. 

4. Boost kids’ attention & inspires kindness

Yep, you don’t have to be over 21 to meditate. Children also benefit from meditation the same way if not even more since they are like sponges soaking everything in. If you’re wondering how the hell can I make my kid meditate, apps like Headspace have exercises exclusively for kids. 

5. Reduces both physical and mental pain

No matter what the pain is, we hate it. So you’ll be surprised when we tell you that meditation can reduce physical pain by 27% and mental by whooping 44%! That’s like carrying a 200-pound rock and someone makes it a nearly half-easier job. Not bad.

You get the picture - the 5 to 30 minutes can turn your life for the better. We spend around 60 minutes per day on Facebook and that means only one thing! You can meditate and still have time to check if someone tagged you in a picture, no problem! And with the Best 10 Meditation Apps, you can do both on your phone! Ain’t that a surprise.

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