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🐟 Debunk Food Myths With The Best Apps for Healthy Recipes

Just because you think your health habits are healthy, science might think otherwise. For example, people think white meat is healthier than dark meat. But do you know the difference is a mere 30 calories per serving? That means if you eat the same amount of white meat and add two pieces of chocolate, you already took more calories than in a piece of dark meat!

Oh, and dark meat is richer in iron and zinc that make our immune system stronger. Now that you know you can eat that Thanksgiving turkey in peace, here are 4 more interesting facts to create a healthy diet with healthy food recipes.

1. You need high-fat food to lose weight

Yep, irony at its best. Just make sure it’s food with good, unsaturated fat like avocado, salmon and the way cheaper, but the equally healthy option - mackerel. If you need help finding the food, apps like Runtasty help you instantly find out exactly what type of fat each food has.

So next time you're looking for a healthy pancake recipe, you can be certain it's healthy.

2. Eggs don’t increase the risk of heart disease

It’s true, our heart hates cholesterol. But the egg yolk contains so little of the bad stuff, a daily egg absolutely won’t increase the risk. The only thing that will happen is you’ll deprive yourself of 13 important minerals and vitamins. And a potentially delicious breakfast.

3. All calories aren’t the same

300 calories of an apple pie aren’t the same as 300 calories of oatmeal with apple and nuts. In other words, it’s about quality, not quantity. If you’re wondering how you should count calories, don’t worry, no need to take a calorie counting class. 

Apps like Healthy Recipes come with a calculator that automatically does the correct math. 

4. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be expensive

A recent Harvard study shows a diet based on healthy food costs only $1.50 more per day. It might build up over time, but what’s more expensive? Eating healthy and spending $45 more per month or a medical bill? 

Apps like HelloFresh bring an easily controllable subscription and deliver the weeks-worth of ingredients for a healthy meal to your door.

Eating healthy isn’t about excluding food but about balance. You can easily find a healthy quiche recipe, healthy chili recipe or a healthy carrot cake recipe if you know where to look.

Also, feel free to eat potato chips now and then, it won’t hurt you - just don’t overexaggerate. The human body is a strong machine that can withstand a lot, you just need to take care of it. And The Best Apps for Healthy Recipes can make sure the machine is up and running.

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