Cycling Through the Years

Cycling History

Cycling has become more popular over time, both as a means of transportation and keeping up with one's physical fitness. Today, mobile devices have a variety of cycling apps with different benefits, and the sport/leisure activity has come a very long way in its history. To understand cycling's history, we'll need to understand it's definition so that we can discern where the activity first began. 

The first bicycle, as it is now known, was invented in 1817. Karl von Drais was looking for a way to get around more conveniently while working at the Royal Gardens in Germany. He created a metal platform to sit on that was propelled by two wheels, and he used his feet to steady himself and push along the ground for momentum. There was a small, short handle attached to the front for steering purposes, and von Drais’s idea quickly spread to other fields, gardens, and occupations because of its innovation. 

Progression into Exercise

After its inception as a work tool, cycling quickly progressed into an entertaining leisure and exercise activity. Today, it is one of the more popular forms of exercise available, and cyclists can be found around most towns and along mountain roads that attract challenge-seekers. There are exercise bike variations in nearly every fitness center, and also classes devoted to fitness-style biking. 

The invention of the Spin Bike, which is a bike with easily variable resistance, created an entire sub-culture of dedicated spin bikers who will get together at the gym for group sessions led by an instructor and set to high-tempo music. Many fitness magazines feature bicycle workouts, trails, locations, and clubs to join for cyclists who want to take their hobby to the next level or enjoy it with others. Many of these cycling mobile apps will also connect users to similar information. 

Safety Concerns

While connecting cyclists to others who enjoy the hobbies, cycling apps also help address some of the safety issues of riding a bike whether it's mountain biking on the trails and hills, cycling through town, or even riding the stationary bike at home. Unfortunately, cycling history both in competitive sports and leisurely rides on city roads has been plagued by accidents involving cyclists and motor vehicles. When drivers are heading down the road, their main focus is typically on other vehicles, and then pedestrians after that. Cyclists usually don't cross a driver's mind until after they're seen, which is sometimes too late.

If a driver isn't following the rules and regulations of the road perfectly, there is always a chance for a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicycle. Fortunately, many of the latest mobile apps have features like fall/collision detection, emergency contact info, and alert lights that can be worn as vests for safer road-cycling. Even users of new electric bicycles can stay safer with these apps as they travel the roads, following driving laws in a fuel-efficient manner.

Exercise & Social Opportunities

While cycling apps help keep riders safe, they also connect them to other riders in their area, and it doesn't matter what kind of ride you're interested in. Cycling apps can help you link up with others who have the same cycling goals and interests. As aforementioned, cycling can be a great cardio workout, and so many exercise centers offer stationary bike workouts or bicycle clubs that you can join if you're looking to ride around town in a pack of bicyclists.

If you're not into it for the exercise and you just want a leisurely bike around the park on a roadster, there are clubs for that too. These apps can connect you to Facebook groups which began by individuals who just want someone to ride with. Pretty soon, you'll be improving your cycling skills, making new friends, and getting into better shape all the while doing something you love. 

Competitive Events

Since cycling is such an entertaining form of exercise and a great test of physical fitness, the sport has grown into a worldwide industry marked by very competitive and popular events. The Tour de France, for instance, is one of the world's largest and most well-known road cycling races, stretching through miles of mountainous country around Paris. Lance Armstrong, an American cyclist, brought more fame to the sport by achieving the highest level of success and overcoming testicular cancer. Many of his quotes on perseverance and excellence have inspired other athletes.

Many cyclers also produce video and blog tutorials on their careers. Cycling apps will help all fans of the sport get connected to information like this, along with weekly news, events, and competition opportunities near you. And if you want to take your cycling abilities to the highest level, you'll want to check out some of the mobile apps that connect you to professional quality cycling gear. 

While cycling began as a rudimentary work activity, modern technology like innovative mobile apps have helped it become an activity that diverse ranges of people enjoy for a variety of reasons.