Custom Keyboards

Reliability & Artificial Intelligence for Word Predictions

Keyboard apps can help customize your virtual smartphone keyboard. The experience of using your virtual keyboard determines how much you enjoy using your phone. For instance, an obtrusive keyboard makes it difficult to choose keys or type messages. Even a modern virtual keyboard design can have poor security, making your information susceptible to third party access. It can also make it hard to see the content you type due to poor layout and choice of colors. Whether you want fun emojis, support for a different language, or a mix of the two, there’s a keyboard app for that. Apps can improve the way you communicate using the best custom keyboard features for a better typing experience.

So, the best keyboard apps are reliable and make perfect alternatives to your default smartphone keyboard. The brand behind a virtual keyboard app determines its reliability. For instance, Microsoft acquired the SwiftKey keyboard app in 2016, making it a reliable keyboard app. This is attributed to the fact that Microsoft is a trustworthy brand and developer. Its extensive support for customization, robust features and versatility have made it a popular iOS and Android keyboard app. Android keyboard apps utilize artificial intelligence to automatically learn what you’re typing to predict what you intend to type next.

In addition, apps and relevant websites use intelligence to learn your pattern of typing and adapts to it to ease your typing. They also feature gesture typing and autocorrect to enable you to type faster. Keyboard apps also learn your typing habits on social media such as Twitter and Facebook to offer personalized predictions. Flow typing and smart autocorrect word predictions ascertain that your typing is correct. Machine learning learns your usage of emojis to determine the ones you use often for predictive suggestions. Other apps adopt machine learning to learn and pick up your language and specific typing habits over time.

1000+ Emojis, GIFs & Personal Themes

Android keyboard apps feature thousands of GIFs, emojis and personal themes. Keyboard customization allows you to choose from hundreds of existing themes or create a personal theme. The Fleksy virtual keyboard features at least 50 colorful themes, over 800 emojis, three distinct custom keyboard sizes, GIFs, and lots of other features. Facemoji keyboard and related apps feature over 3600 emojis. Modern keyboard Windows 10 apps come with a fully integrated search engine and gives emoji and GIF suggestions as you type your messages. They also give access to multiple stickers and even allow you to create our own.

Some virtual keyboard apps such as Go Keyboard feature over 1000 themes, including charge mode and screen swiping to unlock it. Feature-rich keyboard apps also pack emoticons, one-touch writing, fun badges, graphical characters, symbols, and voice recognition. They have a small built-in internal store or memory to handle ads and add-ons to ensure your virtual keyboard works optimally. Other virtual expressions include charm-like emoji prediction, emoji combo for integration of several emojis into a single tap, and trending GIFs. You can also capture your images into the app for the creation of personal emojis. If you prefer a keyboard app that supports face sticker creation in multiples, there’s a custom keyboard app for that.

Hotkey extensions customize or add rows of emojis or symbols you use often. You can also create shortcuts on your keyboard, including invisible keyboards. Some themes are free on most keyboard apps while others are available for a small fee. They make it possible to alter your keyboard’s background. Some iPhone apps enable displaying of emojis, numbers, and punctuation on the keyboard’s top row. If you can’t find a suitable theme, some apps allow for free or paid downloads from cloud storage. Some even provide a free theme daily. You can download new emoji layouts and change your keyboard’s theme, color, and skin for a custom look.

Better Feel, Fast Speed & Swiping Gesture

Virtual typing feels better with certain keyboard customizer apps. Some digital keyboards lag from time to time, hence the need to find one known to deliver fast speeds. The fastest Android keyboard app uses gesture control and predictive autocorrect features to help you type faster and accurately. The swiping gesture controls regular keyboard functions such as fast addition of space, punctuations, deletion, and correction of words. Clipboard and cursor control and custom spacebar come with intuitive virtual keyboard apps. You can monitor your typing speed within an app for better performance. Smart artificial intelligence offers better accuracy and contextual prediction for faster typing speeds. Cloud predictions with current word trends also support faster typing speeds.

Keyboard apps also feature voice and gesture typing for fast typing speeds. The Gboard app comes pre-installed in many Android One and Pixel series devices. It’s one of the fastest virtual keyboard apps. Although Chrooma resembles Gboard, it’s more customizable and comes with keyboard resizing, swipe typing, autocorrect, and predictive typing features. A simple keyboard gesture can give access to a weather widget for accurate forecasts. Swipe typing and gesture work in the same way. However, you can implement unique moves and gestures on your customizable keyboard app based on common actions for better interactions.

For example, dragging your finger toward the right of the keyboard app text box creates a space post-typing a word. Holding your finger to the left deletes the last letter or word typed. Apart from gesture typing, you'll also find glide typing, voice typing, number row and T+ & T9 keypad for input. Gesture and tap typing work together to deliver great performance. Switching from the different types of typing is instant with just one click. Whereas some gaming keyboard apps feature tap typing, swipe, flow and gesture typing, others only come with the tap typing feature.

Strict Privacy Policy & Syncs Personal Dictionary

Android keyboard apps from third parties follow a stringent privacy policy. This ensures that your personal information isn’t collected without authorization. Fleksy is a great keyboard app that would make a perfect alternative to your default keyboard such as the Gboard app. The apps learn from your consistent use and make it possible to backup your personal dictionary for restoration in case of a loss. User hot words and news from different parts of the world make the main sources for the latest slang. Various Samsung keyboard gestures make it possible to use great gestures for tasks such as copy, cut, and paste.

In addition, voice dictation such as Dragon dictation in the Swype keyboard app allows you to choose your preferred mode of typing. Trace typing works better even with the autocorrection feature. Autocorrect and swipe typing also learn from your vocabulary using predictive intelligence. Gesture typing supports word deletion, undoing corrections or cycling through issues as they arise. Slick gesture typing, multiple customization of keyboard layouts, and access to a crowd-sourced personal dictionary with new phrases and terms are available in most custom keyboard apps. A robust dictionary also holds gesture shortcut keys such as copy and paste, memes, etc.

Keyboard apps also sync your personal dictionary to the cloud for access from any mobile device. Other features available from premium keyboard app subscriptions include syncing the dictionary to cloud-based typing suggestions, predictive typing settings, and an extended gallery of emojis. You’ll also find customizer keyboard apps with a dictionary holding the meanings of words in different languages. A neural action row gives access to numbers, emojis, and punctuation suggestions to help you learn how to customize Android default keyboards. Custom keyboard apps also support splitting, resizing, and moving around. Keys can also be resized, search buttons integrated, and circular keys added.

Minimalist Design & Addition of Personal Images

Some iPad keyboard apps come in minimalist designs that suit their material design. The functionality of such apps include the addition of a personal image as the background of your virtual keyboard. Unlike your default smartphone keyboard, a minimalist keyboard design is handy when you need to ease and enhance your typing habits and speed. A sleek keyboard doesn’t just look great but delivers an exceptional tap typing experience. The tons of themes and quirky animations they feature make them even more interesting. Despite their minimalist design, the iPhone keyboards are customizable in size, including their keys.

Meanwhile, an emoji search feature allows you to find your favorite emojis such as glitter without the need to remember where to find it. You can autoconfigure your keyboard app to change its color when the app becomes active or goes into battery saving mode. You can also configure a Night Mode to auto-trigger when certain changes occur to your phone’s light sensor. The digital keyboards also have wallpapers, emoji arts, animations, emoji makers and an emoji dictionary. Unobtrusive and clean virtual keyboards come in a minimalist design to take up less screen space and minimal resources. If you need larger keys, enable a full-screen mode. However, the multiple color options, keys, and gesture controls are standard.

Minimalist designs have limited personalization capability; themes and skins in such apps lack full features. Mini-mode layouts cram numbers, letters, and punctuation into one row on the minimalist keyboard. They work well with a traditional Gboard custom layout and feature aggressive predictive engines for typing. Some apps also suggest likely responses to your messages through a “Smart Reply” feature. Keyboard apps also support various layouts such as AZERTY, Dvorak, T9, QWERTY, QWERTZ, and Colemak, including foreign character layouts. You can also design your own layout and access navigation apps and a row of numbers from the keyboard.

Support of 100+ Languages, Spelling & Grammar Check

Many virtual keyboards allow multilingual typing with support for more than 100 languages. They feature regional and national languages such as Russian, Hindi, Korean, Dutch, Albanian, Chinese, Finnish, Indonesian, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Bulgarian, etc. “Mixed language input” supports word predictions for different languages. A dynamic built-in dictionary with various words auto recognizes and fixes common grammatical errors and mistakes that arise as you type. The apps come in fun designs you’re bound to enjoy using. The transformation tools for text allow you to edit your messages or save them for later to avoid activating the autocorrect feature.

Ginger and Grammarly keyboard apps support the correction of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. The custom keyboard apps offer predictive typing and writing tools to ensure your messages are free from grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. They provide word and writing suggestions, corrections, translations, and sentence rephrasing. The mobile grammar checkers are handy when typing professional messages and emails. Some iPhone keyboard for Android apps are completely free while others are paid for access to unlimited features. Some Android emoji keyboard apps feature adaptive color modes to auto reflect the color of your default keyboard, making them look as if you’re using just one app.

You can customize the font, vibration, background image, sound, width, and height of your virtual keyboard. Plugins, slide indicators, language switch keys, some add-ons and skins, typing or tapping effects, shapes of keys, and custom input styles are also customizable. With some advanced apps, you get access to games and mini-games such as Pong-clones and Snake to kill boredom. Some of the virtual keyboard apps come with glitches and bugs (GIF and emoji sections), which can easily impair your data security. Therefore, when typing sensitive information, it’s best to use your device’s default keyboard.

Customizable keyboards for your smartphone come with new features, fun themes, highly customizable layouts, and advanced swiping options. Custom keyboards evolve continuously, hence the need for efficient and up-to-date keyboards. Whether your smartphone comes with a Gboard or branded Sony, HTC or Samsung keyboard, it isn’t feature-rich, but can be customized. You can alter almost anything about your default keyboard. It's an important form of interaction between you and your phone. It supports search queries, typing of messages and notes, among others, for better user experience.