Create Money-Pouring Investment Plans with The Best Apps For Investing

There’s no real proof, but October is the month investors fear the most because, throughout history, many market crashes happened in October.

As for an average person, investing can feel like a dark art whose secrets are kept somewhere deep under a castle, presumably guarded by an 8-headed beast. In short - it’s scary.

But you probably want to learn the “dark art” as it’s a great way to earn money and it also makes for a great New Year’s resolution.

Well, fortunately for you, it’s pretty simple and we bring you 3 alternative ways to start investing in 2019 with zero to minimum knowledge.

1. Turn Your Spare Change Into Dollar Bills

You might not think much of the spare change in your pocket, but the little suckers can grow rather quickly.

They are great for investing because it’s extremely safe and you don’t need to know much - especially if it’s automatic. Wondering how?

We suggest Acorns, an app that automatically rounds up any credit card payment to the next dollar and invests in one of 5 portfolios managed by experts.

2. Boost Your Skills With Safe Investments

You’re scared to invest because you lack the knowledge and the time to learn. So why not learn through experience?

Investments are made with large figures, but you can invest in small amounts like $5 - that’s the price of your morning coffee.

A great tool for that is Stash. It allows you to make small investments and it provides “digestible” educational content so you can learn on the go.

Oh No!

This app was removed from the app store by the developer. We suggest other top Loan Calculator apps here:

Best 10 Apps for Investing

3. Create Your Own “Set It & Forget It” Plan

Set It & Forget It Plan is a plan where you get an investment portfolio without having to do any work.

The way it works is you provide your financial goals, what would you like to invest in and you get a tailored plan.

Betterment is a great app if you want to automate more than spare change. The app creates and handles your portfolio, but you can “take the wheel” anytime you feel confident.

If you have absolutely no investing knowledge, starting small is your best “investment” - apologies for the pun.

With the 3 tools above you won’t earn much in the beginning, but they provide the initial boost together with helpful knowledge.

And anytime you feel confident enough to step up your investing game; you can start using one of the Best 10 Apps for Investing and begin earning serious cash.

Remember, investing isn’t a mystical, dark art, it’s a simple learning curve you can master if you have the right tools. Happy investing!

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