Crazy Eights Card Games

Crazy Eights Card Games

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Crazy Eight mobile apps are one of the best ways to have access to your favorite card game, seasonal variations, and opportunities to connect with other online card lovers. 

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If you love playing the crazy eight card game, then you'll enjoy the game even more if you learn about its history. Many people claim the game originated in Sweden, so it's often referred to as Swedish Rummy. However, it became more popular in the 1930s and 40s because of United States soldiers who enjoyed playing the game overseas. They gave the 7 8 card game acquired the name "Crazy Eights" because of the soldiers who had been designated as too mentally unstable for combat per the terms of Section 8 in their handbook. The soldiers brought the game back with them, and Crazy Eights, or Eights as they first called it, began sweeping the nation. It's easy to see why it became so popular. The game doesn't require gambling for entertaining competition, and it's simple enough for a child to understand the rules. Today, card lovers can even play Crazy Eights online both against a computer simulation and other online players.

You have many options to consider since these online crazy 8 iPhone and Android games come in a variety of styles, levels of difficulty, and experiences. If you're new to the game, many mobile apps will make it possible to get some effective direction as to the best strategies to win and all the subtle details and rules you'll need to know. While it might be considered that Crazy Eights is one of the easy games for both in-person and online card games, there are a few variations that everyone who enjoys the game should learn. With mobile Crazy Eight apps, you can find helpful diagrams on the different hands of cards, advice on strategy, and engaging video tutorials that can teach you the variations of the game and every nuance you should be aware of. There are certain mobile apps and games that are better suited for beginners such as games with various levels, computer simulation of easy opponents, and in-game tips. Crazy eight mobile apps have something for everyone. 

If you love playing online cards and competing with others, crazy eight mobile apps have other options available. There's a 9 card draw version, and a snap card game that online gamers love. For avid online gamers, mobile apps are an effective way to connect with other card players across the world. If you want to compete online, you can find chat rooms and competitions for others with similar interests and skill levels. If you find the right app, you might even stumble into a tournament that could win you fun prizes. Other prizes include in-app purchase coupons for perks in the games or coupons for other online gaming opportunities for fun speed racing games, sports games, and role playing games. That way, you can bounce back and forth between all sorts of games and never exhaust yourself on just one. That's the beauty of mobile apps. It's such an advantage over things like real card games in person because you can play multiple at once, switching back and forth between new apps and games. Even with video games, you really can only play one at a time. 

At this point, with so many variations of Crazy Eights available, you might be eager to hear about every opportunity to play your favorite game. Crazy Eights with crazy faces is one version that people enjoy playing online and one of the most popular online card games on mobile apps. Another entertaining card game, spit card, is a fast-paced game just like Crazy Eights, and so many of these mobile apps have links to great spit card game apps. As you begin playing other card games, you'll be amazed at how much it helps you become a better Crazy Eights player. Instead of wearing yourself out on one game, you can try a lot of different variations, styles, and games so that your general card knowledge is elevated and your excitement for Crazy Eights won't fade. 

During your free time, you might play Crazy Eights card games as much as possible. But the mobile apps will also show you when a seasonal or special version of the game is available on the app store like Christmas Crazy Eights or Halloween card themes. Simple games like Go Fish may be better suited for kids, but Crazy Eights has so many twists and turns that players of all ages can enjoy it year-round. Fans of online cards can enjoy the creative variations that come with different times of the year, both in new apps that come out during the year and in the same apps that they've already been playing. One great way to keep up with the new versions is to subscribe to some of the apps and accounts on Facebook so that you can receive notifications.

Crazy Eights may have swept the nation over 75 years ago, but the love for this fast-paced game lives on. You can enjoy online Crazy Eights by yourself or with others with entertaining mobile apps.