Cooking Videos Bring the Right Recipes

Cooking Apps for Beginners

Being a beginner in the kitchen has never been easier. Just think, before amazing apps like the Food Network Kitchen, you had to flip open a recipe book or go through multiple books to find the recipe you want to try to make. Then, of course, you have to refer back to the written recipe over and over again, re-reading certain parts of preparation to make sure you don't put the wrong ingredient in at the wrong time, or too much. Now with a tablet or smartphone, you can shelve those old clunky cookbooks as decoration pieces, and start learning different recipes from other home chefs or professionals via cooking videos.

If you're a visual learner, then cooking video apps is the perfect way to get comfortable in the kitchen. But, importantly, don't go straight to that lasagna recipe or try to learn how to stuff and roast a chicken, first you need to learn some basics. With video apps, you can watch a chef cover basic techniques and equipment you will need for different types of cooking. For example, you want to learn about the different types of knives you will need for cutting vegetables, meats, and seafood. Also, you will want a step-by-step on how to use each knife to get the desired cuts and proper handling to keep them clean and sharp.

Cooking Apps for Experienced Cooks

However, if you're a self-proclaimed pro in the kitchen, you can still rely on video cooking apps as a source of inspiration. Not only can you find a cooking video that is aligned with your skillset, but some can offer you a creative challenge by teaching you to cook a new complex dish, even furthering your culinary skills. 

But not all cooking videos need to show you recipes from start to finish. Some videos can feature world-class chefs talking about the balancing of flavors, the use of new herbs or ingredients, or give you ideas on how to put a spin on a classic dish by using only locally sourced ingredients. 

Basically, with your phone or tablet, coupled with your passion for cooking, you are able to travel all over the world and learn from the best, from the comfort of your apron. 

Creating Your Own Cooking Videos

Now, what if you want to be on the other side of the camera? What if you want to be the chef in the video helping to inspire others to cook? Well, apps can definitely help you there as well. First, you'll want to get a video editing app, now that in itself can be tricky as there are so many out there, but start with our top 10 video editing apps. The list could help you save some time and test a couple out before purchasing. Or, try our comparison app tool linked here. That way, you can compare a couple of video editing apps you think might do the job and see how their ratings, features, and pricing compare easily. 

Creating your own YouTube cooking channel is as easy as downloading an app and having a smartphone tripod. From there, you can record yourself talking about different recipes, show how to create a dish step by step, or even give other at-home chefs advice through the comments they leave below. All you need to do is edit your favorite clips, add some graphics or effects, and upload. 

Sign Up For Classes to Keep Learning

With so many people staying home and cooking these days, you might want something more than just a one-off recipe video. Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, you can advance your culinary education by registering for cooking classes online. 

You can look into apps like Udemy or Masterclass and see what categories of cooking classes they provide. So, if you want to learn the art of baking, check out the Masterclass conducted by Chef Dominique Ansel where you will learn the basics of French pastry. Alternatively, if you're keen to learn the delicate art of pasta making, there are more than a couple of options on Udemy, which you can decide by how intensive a course you're after, or how much you're willing to spend.

Share & Get Recipes From Fellow Chefs

Yet another way to enjoy being in the kitchen is downloading an app that allows you to connect other passionate cooks. The newest one to recommend is Hoorray! the social cooking app, however, there are many to choose from. With these social apps, sharing your favorite recipes and getting new recipes from all over the world is made as simple as a couple of taps and a WiFi connection. 

Another great reason to connect with other cooks on social apps is for inspiration. With so many people turning to healthier eating habits like opting for fresh produce, eating less meat, and staying away from carbs or sugar, you may find helpful hints from others on how to cook a favorite dish, but with some substitutions. For example, you have cut meat out of your diet, but you desperately want a good spaghetti bolognese, your new at-home chef friends may be able to suggest trying lentils in the place of meat, which still gives a hearty flavor and satisfies that craving.

The fascinating world of cooking is no longer only found in dusty books and expensive academies. With applications that feature cooking videos, classes, and social engagement, you can learn any type of cuisine you want. Additionally, if you want to become the host of your own cooking video, apps can help you achieve your Internet show stardom. Check out this list of top 10 cooking video apps and open your kitchen to inspiration and hungry bellies.