Computer Programming: What Does It Entail?

Computer Programming: What Does It Entail?

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Computer programming or coding is a valuable skill in today's world. With humans' continued dependence on computers, there's an ever-rising need for computer programmers. A career in programming comes with substantial earning potential, and one can conveniently learn coding on the go. There is an array of mobile apps that offer courses on programming languages and web development in general.

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Computer Programming is the process of giving computer instructions to execute a particular task. The series of instructions involved include the generation of algorithms, profiling of algorithms, and coding. A computer programmer utilizes their testing, debugging, maintenance, and software architecture skills to write computer software, a system known as coding.

Programmers write codes using a set of numeric codes known as a computer programming language. There's a selection of languages to choose from, but the popular ones include HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, C++, and Python. These languages offer varying levels of difficulty, with programmers preferring some above others. Getting onboard requires learning these languages in a typical classroom environment or on the Internet via online courses and coding apps.

Front-end and back-end developments are common concepts in computer programming. Front-end development involves writing codes that produce visible elements of a website that users can interact with. On the other hand, back-end developers write codes that ensure the website functions as it should, even though users can’t see the elements produced. Both categories combine to give full stack development, which encompasses every aspect of web development.

Data structures are methods used in collating and organizing a set of data information in a way that makes it easy to perform operations. Algorithms are step-by-step outlines of instructions a computer has to execute to create the desired result. Programmers often use more than one language to write algorithms that have to meet the criteria of unambiguity, feasibility, input, output, and independence.

How do programmers write algorithms? There are no specific methods used as it depends on the particular problem the programmer intends to solve and the resource available to do that. Algorithms aren't a set of complete computer programs, and they're expressed using advanced level pseudocode or a simple flowchart. In designing algorithms, the goal is to make them efficient in a way that they're fast to execute and takes less memory space. SoloLearn app is a great place to learn Data Structures and Algorithms, as part of the platform's myriad courses in Computer Programming. Users also get to interact with other coders from around the globe, offering peer support and exchanging ideas. 

An interesting aspect of computer programming is writing codes for application development. Mobile apps are developed for the two most popular platforms – Android and iOS. Java programming language is often used to program Android apps, alongside an Android Software Development Kit. For iOS app development, programmers use Object C- programming language and Cocoa architecture.

Android Developers Training and iOS Development Center are the official app development platforms for Android and iOS, respectively. However, there are other online resources with coding databases where users can learn programming for applications. Also, there are lifelong learning apps specifically dedicated to teaching various coding languages and apps for artificial intelligence.

Learning computer programming has never been easier with the use of mobile apps. With an app like Codemurai, users can learn how to code like a pro without owning computers. It’s a great way to learn different programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, Android SDK, TypScript, and Python, right on your mobile phone. The app is replete with coding manuals and tips curated by the best programmers in the industry.

Another resourceful app for gaining immense programming language skills is BCA, which provides lessons in C, C++, and Java programming. Any programming student will find the BCA notes arranged semester by semester exciting and helpful. Also, Mimo mobile app offers a fun way to learn programming and build websites and apps. Users can learn how to code using Python, Java, CSS, HTML, and more. The code lessons and tutorials are interactive, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

With continuous advances in computer science and technology, learning how to code is essential. We’ve discussed the basics you need to know about computer programming, but stepping right into it is the real deal. Here’s our list of the Best Apps for Computer Programming to get started on the journey to becoming a computer programmer.

  • Coding & programming app to learn HTML, Python, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Java

    4.7 Ratings 123K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Gettting a better understanding of coding, but revising more. Actually understand a lot of what ProgramingHub has to offer, but digital marketing come pretty natural to me, but as I go through the program I keep learning more. Enjoying the topics as I go through them ‘


  • Learn, share, and connect with coders from around the world!

    4.7 Ratings 520K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • I just started using the app a few days ago to help me go over the more expanded lessons I’ve been taking in a coding course. I have to say that it’s been really useful going through the quick and easy lessons on the app. It’s all done in such a concise way that I think most people learning HTML will enjoy it as much as I have.
      Guns & Glam


  • Code in Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL, PHP, C#

    4.7 Ratings 199K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • I’ve been hearing my Trucking industry is going down and I should learn coding. I decided to give it a try. Idk if it’s this easy or the app is just this AMAZING, but I’m blowing my leaderboard away. I’m really addicted!! It really makes learning so simple. Looking forward to joining the coding community. GREAT APP!!!! See y’all in the future!


  • Basic Computer Programming - Learn to Code - Learn Computer Science FREE Offline

    4.2 Ratings 92 Reviews 10K+ Downloads
    • Hey guys if you check out my feedback i hope u guys are safe from covid 19. Okay , now straight to the matter. This app sucks to the core(sarcasm). Must install this app . Its teaching u everything from basics just as i expected. It is very very helpful ( except some of the ads ). Thanks to the developers and the creator of this app . The developer must have had lot of patience to create this app. Thus thanks a lot .
      rakthesh thumatti


  • Learn to code for free on your phone in as little as 5 minutes a day.

    4.7 Ratings 55K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • What an amazing, delightful and easy app to use. For years one read about coding and operating systems. This app simplifies, and teaches you, while having fun. I cannot wait for tomorrow to run through my practice levels and to start with learning something new. Thank you, it's really appreciated.
      steven foord


  • Learn C++ Programming with programming lessons, tutorials, programs & more

    4.7 Ratings 19K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • This is the best programming app I've seen in my life .It is so simple and it makes you understand very fast.
      Khalid Bittos


  • Learn Python Programming with python programming lessons, programs & compiler

    4.8 Ratings 11K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • I love the simple and nice interface of this app! The simple explanation eases me to understand quickly! With the limited-time valuable price offer, I upgraded into pro. I gained a certificate for basic knowledge of python at the end, totally worth it!
      Carolyn Hong


  • Build your own game 🎮. Learn to code, programming🔥, coding, and coding games.

    4.8 Ratings 20K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • This is the best way to learn. Very funny. Love the little side story of your family smiling at you when you ‘stack’ the plates. Lol. I guess it was funny bc I used to have to do the dishes a lot. Anyways, a small bug, whenever I tap on clear all in the top left of the code play ground, the cursor disappears. This does not happen when I tap clear on in the menu in the top right. I’m using iPhone 7. Thanks.


  • Learn popular computer programming frameworks via video tutorials

    4.2 Ratings 201 Reviews 50K+ Downloads
    • This is really an amazing app for beginners, very easy to understand. I will recommend this for beginners.
      Lanre David


  • Learn Java Programming with programming lessons, tutorials, programs & more

    4.7 Ratings 15K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • Fantastic for beginners definitely would recommend if you are planning to take or taking something like intro to programming/ paid version is good too helps a lot. Stuff in here is the same as my colleague course homework 1 is actually hello world which is the first thing taught on this
      Sinistermango 409


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