Choosing the Right Photo Sharing App

If you want to create a gallery of photos with friends from your previous vacation or an event, you can easily create collaborative albums using several mobile apps. While there is no shortage of ways to share photos among your friends, PhotoCircle offers some unique features that can make it your photo-sharing platform of choice. Most importantly, it lets you share images privately, which can be a pretty useful feature especially if you don't want any strangers viewing your images.

Most photo sharing apps let you take all of the digital pictures that have been idling on your smartphone and save them all in one place. This way, you can easily access and share them with family and friends. Some tools let you tag friends as well, so that way, you can identify the images easily as browse through the gallery. 

Collate Images of Your Kids

One of the main reasons to maintain a family photo album is to remember the most important family events in life. Not only would this let you document them in great detail, but it will also help take you back in time when you browse through those special images years later. This can be especially true when you want to collate a family album that includes images of a newborn.

Whether you want to create a
collage of your child's photos, or you simply want to organize a gallery with all of their pictures, there are many photo sharing apps that you could choose from. Some of the more popular ones are FamilyAlbum and Lifecake - which serve as a digital photo album that lets you store and share baby milestone and family photos privately. These apps will also help you add descriptive headings, which can be helpful when you revisit them years later.

Whether it's pictures of your child's first birthday or a simple collection of family portraits, you can easily create a beautiful collection of your kid's photos as they grow up. If you prefer holding physical copies of the most special ones, you could use a photo printing app too.

Share & Backup Photos Across Multiple Devices

With mobile phone cameras getting better and with upgrades in its features, you may find file sizes of each image getting bigger too. Very soon, you realize that the space in your mobile device is not enough anymore. It is also possible that you tend to fill your phone with hundreds of images and videos during your vacation or when spending time with your friends. 

Thanks to the cloud storage technology, you can easily synchronize all your files seamlessly across multiple devices. Additionally, as much as you would like them to be easily accessible, you would need to back up these images on cloud storage so you could view on all your devices too. The more advanced photo-sharing apps, such as Google Photos will let you seamlessly share and download in as many devices as you would like. 

Browse Through Photos Across Different Categories

In this day and age, you might find yourself scrolling through the images on your phone, looking for that one shot you took on your last vacation so you can share it with your friend. Of course, you have a river of 3,000 photos that you will have to look through, therefore, spending several minutes looking for it. But, what if you could categorize them in a manner that makes it easy for you to browse through and thereby share the photos more conveniently? 

Sorting them through different categories - such as selfies, vacation, family portraits - can make your gallery much more organized. Fortunately, apps such as Flickr can help you do just that. By creating an account, you can easily upload, organize, edit, and share your photos from anywhere in the world.

Purchase Images From Stock Libraries

If you are designing a brochure for an event or designing a website for your clients, you could opt to use images that you shoot on your phone or camera. Or, you could browse through photo-sharing communities for license-free images or purchase stock images from premium libraries that serve your needs. Depending on the use case, you will need to keep an eye on the type of licenses available for each image. For instance, you could use Shutterstock to filter out the images based on the usage type, i.e. editorial vs non-editorial.

Once you have chosen the right image, you could use a photo editing tool to help create the designs to your liking. You could add effects, filters, and make the images look better through these editing apps, which will eventually suit your needs. 

In the age of digital media, sharing photos with your loved ones, or accessing them across different devices have become ever so important. Fortunately, many photo-sharing apps can help you freely share (both publicly and privately), organize, and store your images more easily than ever.