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Choosing the Best Movie Review App

Select a Simple App to Get Started

Having an evening all to yourself is a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and watch a good film. Still, if you have already seen all the titles on your bucket list, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. Several blockbusters may be out but are they any good? Reading the reviews could help but you may still struggle to find the most reliable source and determine whether a title is worth looking into.

In order to pick the best app for the job, you may need to apply certain filters. If this is your first time trying out such software, you might want to stick to something simple and easy to use. A website such as IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes is good enough for many users but chances are you can find something a lot better if you make an effort to look.

There is another thing you should bear in mind. Many apps that host movie reviews seem to suffer from having an excessively complicated interface. Hundreds of options are thrown into the user's face and you have to make an effort to discern the important bits from useless junk. This is why you need to keep your standards high when it comes to the purely visual aspect of the story. Only a simple, elegant, straightforward user interface will do. No exceptions.

Opt for a Free One to Save Your Hard-Earned Cash

Most of today's streaming services require you to pay a small fee before you can access their vast content libraries. This may be an investment worth making if you're a true film aficionado and generally spend more than a couple of hours every week enjoying the latest releases. When it comes to movie reviews, however, you actually have an opportunity to save a penny or two. Many of the best apps will be completely free to download so you won't have to worry about added expenses.

There will, of course, be a catch 22 present in this story. Nothing in this life is 100% free and there will always be a price to pay - either in the form of cash or by having to put up with certain marketing strategies. Free apps will commonly have ads prominently displayed across all parts of their interface, making the experience a bit less pleasant than you'd like it to be. If this sort of thing bothers you a lot, it may be better to opt for a premium app and save yourself from unwanted advances in the marketing industry.

Find Software That Caters to Your Favorite Genre

Movies tend to come in all shapes and sizes - from short films focused on personal turmoil to epic dramas chronicling wars and national tragedies. Knowing which genre is your favorite can also help you determine which app you are likely to gravitate towards.

If horror or thriller is your preferred form of entertainment, then, by all means, look for a platform that has a strong focus on these dark, grim genres. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a comedy or something great for the kids, there's a good chance you'll have to reach for a completely different app. The same rule will apply if you love action or adventure.

There's another thing you might want to consider. Certain movie review apps are known as an excellent source of news on the latest releases, providing a thorough synopsis for each new title that comes onto their virtual shelves. Keeping up with them could be a great way to discover your new favorite film.

Choose Based on Your Geographic Location

We might be living in a global village where content from every corner of the world is available in a matter of seconds but sometimes we may simply wish to view something that is close and relatable to us. Films from your country often resonate the most, offering you a way to connect to life stories and situations similar to your own. If your aim is to explore your region's cinematography, you can always look for an app that provides movie reviews focusing on your country or continent. Consider whether you gravitate more toward India, China or good old Hollywood films and sitcoms set in New York City.

Language is another important element to take into account. If you are perfectly fluent in English or Spanish or Mandarin, you'll find an app in a matter of minutes. If, on the other hand, your language is used by a smaller number of people, you might need to put in an extra bit of effort to find the right platform.

Another regional difference that creates a stark contrast between countries and continents is the preferred device people use to access reviews and streaming services. The US is known for its iPhone while users in Europe or Asia are more reliant on Android devices. When looking for a new app, always make sure that it will actually work on your smartphone or tablet.

Pick a Social App With a Strong Online Community

Films, like many other activities in life, are best enjoyed with others. Discussing your favorite genres and learning all about the upcoming releases ready to capture the attention of the public is an integral part of the fun. Sometimes, you will be able to do this with your friends. In other instances, you might want to use the Internet to connect with other movie buffs and go into fine detail over the plot of your new favorite detective drama. An app that has an online forum built into its system could be a great way to do this.

Some pieces of software devoted to movie reviews will go so far as to have a live chat room. They will let you participate in a discussion with other users in real-time exchanging ideas and finding out about new and interesting titles. This could be a great way to get excellent recommendations or even get informed about showtimes and never miss a world premiere. You may even make a few friends through such an online platform.

After carefully considering our 5 Tips Choose the Best Movie Review App, you can pop over to the Best 10 Apps for Movie Reviews and pick the perfect one for you.

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