Choosing Apps to Help Your Child with Common Core Math

Choosing Apps to Help Your Child with Common Core Math

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Introducing your child to common core math can be a rewarding experience that prepares them for future educational success. However, this standard of mathematics can be confusing for both young and old. Fortunately, there are now many common core math apps available to help. 

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In recent years, parents of school-aged children have asked: “What is Common Core?” While it’s viewed as a brand new form of mathematics by many adults, common core is essentially a different standard of mathematics. This higher standard of learning helps to guarantee that more students know the basic math skills for their grade level and helps prepare them for their next school year.

While common core has been a challenge for educators and students alike, there are now several resources designed to make this advanced form of arithmetic easier to learn. Some of the most effective tools for learning common core include the variety of study apps now available for iOS and Android devices. By practicing with these common core math apps, students can become more comfortable with learning this form of mathematics in the classroom.

Common core apps are excellent tools for students to use both inside and outside the classroom. There are a few essential factors to keep in mind when choosing the right app for the job. These educational math apps can help make learning math or literature more fun and less stressful. And there are also many fun math apps available featuring games and puzzles designed for students of all ages. 

Learning common core math doesn’t have to be boring. The best way to get young students interested in math is by making it fun. With this useful math technology for elementary students, teachers and parents have access to a wealth of helpful applications that are both educational and exciting to use. Some of the best free math apps available feature challenging games and interesting videos that keep kids entertained while they learn. By using top-rated teaching apps that are filled with challenging games and fun characters, common core can be much easier for students on any level to learn. 

To ensure that your student is using the best math apps designed for common core, it’s best to read customer reviews before you install. There are many apps out there that claim to be the best, but there’s only one way to know for sure if an app is successful with teaching common core. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do your own research to find the best math apps for high school or elementary students. This is especially true if you are considering an app that requires a paid subscription. Checking out app recommendations can help you find everything from great kindergarten game apps that improve math skills to exam prep apps for high school seniors. 

There are no two students who learn the same way. And even if you find a list of the best math apps for kids, that list may not include the best app for your particular child. If your student is struggling with learning basic math skills, they aren’t going to learn much from an app that’s designed for a child who is more advanced with common core math. Keep in mind that while it may be a good idea to prepare your child for higher grade levels, downloading 5th grade math apps for a child in 3rd grade may not be the best option. Take the time to check out the best math games online and other free apps that feature common core to find out what type of math apps work best for your child. 

Once you have discovered the best apps out there for learning common core, you will want to know when and how to use them effectively. Common core apps feature content ranging from advanced tools to use for studying to exciting math games. This means you can use them for learning common core basics or simply to pass the time. These math apps for students can be extremely beneficial and can help your student advance their skills to prepare for the future. 

If your high school student has a big math exam coming up, checking out the best common core apps for Apple or Android devices can be a lifesaver. Having access to a math study guide that is always at your fingertips can be very useful for busy students. Studying for exams can be a stressful time for students, parents, and educators. But taking breaks from studying to check out math apps with games can be very beneficial for middle or high school students. There are apps that can help students of all grade levels study and prepare for upcoming common core math tests. Also, there are many free math game apps that will help your younger students study while they are playing. 

If you have concerns about your elementary or middle school child taking advanced math courses in high school, you are not alone. Math is a subject that many students struggle with, even if they make high scores in all their other subjects. And early childhood education can be extremely useful regardless of the subject. The good news is there are common core math apps for Android or iOS devices that can help your child prepare for subjects such as calculus or high school geometry. 

Furthermore, while you can find an app with games that you have to pay for, some of the best free common core apps can make a huge difference in your child’s math skills. You can also encourage your child to show an interest in math by allowing them to check out the best math games online as well as educational apps that feature math games. 

Many students have a difficult time remembering basic math facts they have learned after they return to school following summer vacation. That’s why many educators suggest that students continue learning throughout the summer using games and common core lesson apps. Doing so can help keep the math facts they were taught the previous year fresh in their minds. 

So, whether you are looking for 3rd grade math apps to prepare your child for the upcoming year, or an app to teach your new middle school student all about algebra, there is a solution out there. Educators can also benefit from this useful technology by practicing how to teach common core using math apps as well. 

Applications for iOS and Android devices can do much more than keep your child entertained when they are bored. Regardless of your child’s age or learning level, they have the ability to learn common curriculum thanks to modern technology. You can find a kindergarten math app that will help prepare your preschooler for the upcoming school year. There are also apps designed to help high school seniors pass their math exams. No matter what area of math your child is struggling with, there is a useful app out there that can help. 

  • View the Common Core state standards in one convenient FREE app!

    3.9 Ratings 1K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • A couple reviews label this app as "useless" without explanation of the reasons for that opinion. I'm not sure if the opinion is based on the quality of the app or a political view against the standards. Nevertheless, for states using the CCSS, this app is a great reference tool. The menu system makes it quick and easy to find the standards you are looking for. It lists standards and their college and career readiness corollaries. It makes it much easier to find or browse standards as you prepare lessons. It also offers a search function that helps for quick access to whatever standard you may be looking for. A must have for educators using the CCSS.
      Reason is not found in a Book.


  • View the Next Generation Science Standards in one convenient FREE app!

    3.6 Ratings 315 Reviews 50K+ Downloads
    • I use this app with teachers in training. Much cheaper, easier and more accessible than the $50 book.


  • Learn and have fun with iTooch 3rd Grade Science!

    4.5 Ratings 1K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • C


  • Learn and have fun with iTooch 4th Grade Math!

    4.2 Ratings 4K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • C


  • Learn and have fun with iTooch 5th Grade Math!

    4.3 Ratings 6K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • I have been looking for an app that actually teaches, not just gives quizzes etc. this is loaded with such great material. I have started with the light version, and will be upgrading upon completion. I hope the company will continue and possibly make a 6th grade app. Great for homeschooling, and I love the fact you do not have to be online to use this. Thanks so much for a quality product.
      Mr. EBJ


  • Pre-Algebra full-length, timed practice tests, diagnostic exams, and flashcards

    4.5 Ratings 129 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


  • Mathematics standards test practice for 5~8th graders. No in-app purchase.

    3.6 Ratings 990 Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • I want to get my GED I am 76 I want to go to, school to be a nurse aid and I will with gods help. Smile
      Gloria Mccullough


  • High School Math full-length practice tests, diagnostic exams, and flashcards

    4.4 Ratings 420 Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • Well, I have started reading algebra 1 and I hope it's going to be great for me in mathematics but the only problem I want you to help me is, when ever I am Reading some problems, I sometimes encounter some numbers which I don't know how they came about and that would distube me to understand some questions. But I will tell you for free this app is the best, thank you very much for the good work.
      Adikalie Kamara


  • Algebra 1 full-length, timed practice tests, diagnostic exams, and flashcards

    4.0 Ratings 93 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


  • Help Your Child Prepare for Math Tests

    4.0 Ratings 110 Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • I'm so happy to hear from me to do with the girls and boys and I have no clue how much is the best thing to
      Riri Fox


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