Check Out the Many Apps That Offer Vocabulary Building Games

Expanding Your Vocabulary Can Be Fun When Gamified

Vocabulary is the base of many other skills, such as reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and comprehension. So, improving your vocabulary is crucial to not only your professional life but also your academic and personal life. 

With that being said, expanding your vocabulary doesn't have to be tedious or a boring endeavor. With mobile vocabulary games, you can equally educate and entertain yourself. For example, a game app like Word Games, you get 11 different kinds of brain-teasing words games. Some games on the app are geared toward memorization and recall of certain words, while other games are centered around you winning by matching the right word to the correct definition. All of these mind games will help you improve your vocabulary, and by doing so, move up levels, further expanding your mastery of the English language. 

Dictionary Mobile Games

Other great vocabulary building game apps focus on your comprehension of words and their meanings. Quizzitive – A Merriam-Webster Word Game is a game that is developed by the editors of the Merriam-Webster dictionary. With these vocabulary masters at work, you learn the "1000 words worth knowing," which will help you improve your vocabulary with words they are certain will improve your overall language skills.

As you play the game and practice new words, you will move up levels and be introduced to harder or more complex vocabulary. Luckily, this is done gradually so it's always entertaining, and you are able to expand your word bank in a way that does not feel overwhelming or too difficult. 

Finally, once you have reached the 10th level of the game, you will master up to 1000 new words. 

Vocabulary Games for Kids

Of course, kids will benefit greatly from vocabulary building games. For instance, a game like Linguinis: Word Game allows kids to improve on multiple aspects of language building, but in entertaining gameplay. 

This game combines matching and Scrabble to help kids practice their spelling and writing comprehension with bright and eye-catching graphics. 

Realistically, it can be hard to keep a child's attention on learning new words if they are reading school materials, but with vocabulary learning apps, kids can play and learn in a much more easygoing atmosphere. 

Most importantly, children should enjoy learning and thus improving in the English language. Without proper reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension skills, it will be difficult for a child or even adult to navigate through life. Luckily, these games make it easier for kids to soak up the new words by playing games either alone or compete against friends online. 

Games for Older Students & Adults

Vocabulary learning games are not just for kids, or for expanding on the English language. Some students, either in high school or attending college, are required to learn a second language. With apps like DuoLingo, students can learn a variety of language skills in game form, and with the option of learning over 7 different languages. 

Alternatively, if adults are looking to learn English as their second language, they can also enlist the help of vocabulary game apps. For instance, FluentU is a great ESL learning app that is filled with real-life videos. This app uses music videos, films, and news to help users learn more English vocabulary by using daily footage they will most likely use in their lives. 

However, if you are an adult whose first language is English, but you want to keep improving your vocabulary, you can download a crossword puzzle or word search puzzle games. You can choose a higher level so you're not bored with simple crosswords or searches, but rather enjoy testing your language skills and word recall. 

Games You Can Play With Friends or Offline

Lastly, almost all of the vocabulary learning games offer different modes of play to keep it interesting and allow you to play regardless of the situation. If you prefer to tackle a crossword puzzle on your own, then choose an app that lets you try to beat your own time or moves you up levels as you complete the crossword. Similarly, find an app that allows you to download a crossword puzzle so you can fill it out no matter where you are. 

But, if you prefer to go against friends online with games like Words With Friends, then download the app, create your profile, link with friends, and start as many games as you want. 

Yet, if you have exhausted Words With Friends or are looking for something new to play, check out BattleText. Here you try to out text and outsmart your friends in a battle of vocabulary and wit. 

Now that you have some ideas on how vocabulary learning apps can help you improve your language skills, regardless of age or which language you want to learn, check out our list of top vocabulary building game apps. You can find anywhere from crossword puzzles, to word search, and even games that feature a battle of wit between you and your friends.  

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