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Car Parking Simulator: Tips on Becoming a Pro Parker

Be Aware of Your Car's Position & Your Environment

No doubt, when driving, your car is in direct contact with your environment. Therefore, your decision not only affects you but other people as well. So to successfully park your vehicle, you need to know the position of the car and be highly conscious of your surroundings.

Analyzing your car position enables you to master how to maneuver your vehicle to fit into the space that you want while maintaining your distance from other cars. Being aware of your environment is just as important as being aware of your own car because they both matter as far as safely reaching your destination.

Specific items to be aware of in your car include your front, rear, and sides. A simple trick to ensuring safety for yourself and your environment is to measure a distance of about 1.5m to 2m from the other cars around you, especially buses carrying school children.

It’s also essential to turn on your light signals. Not only does it inform drivers, especially those from the rear of your next intention, it also helps pedestrians to steer clear of the direction of your signal.

If you're unsure how to be properly conscious of your environment, utilizing car parking simulator games could prove helpful as the skill you gain from such games are transferable to real-life scenarios.

Maintain Precision at All Times

One of the hallmarks of a good driver is the ability to make quick, accurate calculations. You can say the same of a pro parker. For instance, if the center point of a parking lot is your preferred spot for parking, you must mentally mark the exact place to make the turn and note the distance to leave for other car parkers.

It’s essential to decipher by their moves, if other drivers are headed in the same direction as you, or if they are waiting behind you. Remember to maintain a tight grip on your car all the while. Using your car mirrors can help you see what’s behind you without having to make wild guesses.

Also, consider adjusting your car mirror to evaluate your distance with other cars and ensure that your parked vehicle is at a spot without the likelihood of making contact or obstructing other cars.

An important point to also make here is to adjust the wheel when you complete parking. While you turn the wheels during parking, you must calculate just the extent of turning that gets you to the position you need, and when you’ve achieved that, make sure to keep your wheels straight. This rule applies to all vehicles, whether it’s a taxi, a bus, or a car.

Again you can use mobile apps like Dr. Driving to help you master precision level parking.

Learn to Be a Fast Scanner

Scanning means checking the road and using your mirrors to look all around your car as you drive. Generally, we advise car drivers to scan 12 to 15 seconds ahead wherever they are. Mirrors should be checked as frequently as 3 to 5 seconds, depending on the traffic. The same knowledge applies when you need to park your vehicle.

You may not be able to control the pace of the vehicles behind or around you, but if you learn to scan thoroughly, you would, to a large extent, prevent hazards or awkward parking situations.

When parking, especially when you need to reverse, we urge you to be as fast in scanning as you are in making turns. Lacking any of these abilities may find you in a well-avoidable ditch or a crash with another unsuspecting driver. Some of the elements of scanning include:

• Looking about a block ahead and behind

• Glancing to the left or right to check for approaching vehicles, humans, or animals.

• Checking the rearview and side-view mirrors at intervals

• Check blind spots before changing paths.

Join a Driving School

Attending a driving school is not old-fashioned yet. Learning through an instructor from a school helps you to put more seriousness into your driving. It also enables you to become confident and comfortable behind the wheel.

You’ll receive training on the proper use of road signs and how to approach all kinds of situations. In most cases, you’ll have to pay for driving lessons, and that can be a motivator to help you give the activity your best shot.

Moreover, if you attend a driving school, your instructor would likely take more time to train you on the proper way to park. The experience that you get from your lessons will make you a better driver.

If for some reason, you're not ready to join a driving school yet, apps can help you prepare for the real-life task. If you use relevant mobile applications regularly, you'll find that driving in real-time might just be a walk in the park for you.

Practice Using Car Parking Simulators

A car parking simulator is a 3D simulator game that a learner can use to simulate lots of parking skills. It’s handy because it helps you to get a good view of the position of the car in an optic viewpoint outside the vehicle. Although it requires a significant level of precision, it shows you the best skills in acceleration, steering, and obstacle-avoidance.

Car parking simulators also have unique features, including beautiful graphics that help sustain interest and simple controls – you merely touch the screen to brake, accelerate, or steer.

You’ll be required to drive the car around lots of obstacles, borders, and corners with speed and precision. Whether you aim to learn angled, parallel, or perpendicular parking, you can learn by using car parking simulators in a fun and challenging way.

Here's one of the best parking simulator games for android and iOS-enabled devices:

Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer is an open-world multiplayer mode type of game; it allows players to compete with other players online. There is never a dull time on this app; you have up to 82 game levels. The goal of this car parking resource is to enable you to enjoy some leisure time while being productive.


• You enjoy excellent UI design with this app; your environments are well detailed and look realistic. It shows various buildings with interior designs and lovely sceneries. You can customize your player skin to your desired choice.

• You'll find that free walking, police mode, and voice chats are other added benefits.

• As an open-world multiplayer app, you compete against real players and exchange cars with them. You get to meet different real players daily, and you can create a friend list.

• Your choice of vehicle can range from a pickup to a sports car, trucks, or even a classic car. It doesn't end there; players are free to customize their vehicles to suit their taste. 

• This app is free to download but comes with an in-app purchase feature.

Parking can be quite a challenging task. Sometimes, the parking lots are small, or in some cases, there are too many cars trying to park at the same time. But you can master the skill and have no trouble at all parking. Start learning how to do this by choosing from our car parking simulator games.

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