Don’t Get Ripped Off! Best Apps for Single Women Buying a Car 

Avoid mistakes and embarrassment. Know what you can afford, what you should pay and how to negotiate the car of your dreams. 

1. Apps to Make Sense of Your Dollars

If you need to Finance a car, pay close attention to your credit score. Lenders use it to determine the rate you'll get on a loan or whether you'll be able to get a loan at all. Those with higher scores generally receive a better rate.

Once you know your credit score you'll be able to decide ahead of time what you can actually afford. Maybe you’ll buy a new car, maybe it will be a used car. These apps for loan calculators make it super easy. 

Find handy loan calculator tools to help you save, budget, invest and borrow money. Calculate payments, interest and the cost of credit.

Loan Calculator

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One important factor many drivers don't consider when buying a car is the insurance rates. Don't forget it's important to think about car insurance rates before you make your purchase. 

Get Pre-approved for Financing. Don't wait until you're at the dealership to rely on them for financing, you can eliminate the stress of that decision by doing it ahead of time with different lenders. The bank or credit union where you do business is a great place to start and often offers better financing for existing customers 

It's usually better to sell rather than trade in. Dealers never pay top dollar, they pay well below market value for your trade. It’s smart to try to sell your own used car at the market price, and it’s really easy to check out what your car is worth. You can check out used car prices online and with a Used Car Finder app. Knowing used car values and used car prices near you will make selling your car that much easier. 

2. Apps for Knowledge and Power

It's always smart to decide what you want before you go shopping. Go online or read an auto magazine and to help you decide what car you want. Think about your driving habits, financial situation, lifestyle and then narrow down your search for a car that fits your needs. Check out new and used car values carefully with a car buying app before deciding. 

Once you know the car, start scouting out dealerships. Did you know you can check out reviews for new and used car dealerships with an app to help you decide which dealership best will meet your needs. 

3. Assert Your Female Buying Power

Haggle tough and be a strong negotiator. Many women might not be familiar or even comfortable with the negotiating process. In fact some women aren't even aware that negotiating is possible. So keep this in mind, to get the best price possible you must negotiate! And never assume that the price quoted to you is the lowest price the dealer will accept.

A smart negotiator always knows how much time to spend negotiating. And a smarter negotiator is always prepared to walk away when the negotiation isn’t progressing.

Buying a car as a single woman can be scary, but with the right apps, you’ll know what to do!

You’ve done the homework and you’re prepared. Make your car buying experience a good one. Take the first step now.