🚗 Burn Some Serious Rubber with The Best Drifting Racing Games

A great thing about car racing games is that anyone can enjoy them, no matter how old you are. 

Unfortunately, regular racing can quickly become boring. Luckily, we have something a bit different, and that's drift car racing.

With drift games, your goal isn't to be first but to perform crazy tricks that feel amazing when they land.

It's hard to explain how satisfying it feels, so we bring you our top three drift racing games so you can see it for yourself.

1. Thumb Drift

Sometimes, less is more and Thumb Drift is a prime example. The game is simple which makes it easy for anyone who wants to play.

But, simple doesn't mean boring. You're continually performing crazy tricks and slides in an insane swirl of electric racing.

The simplicity mixed quality makes Thumb Drift one of the best racing games currently around.

2. CarX Drift Racing

Carx Drift Racing, on the other hand, is for racing fans that prefer the feeling of development instead of a simple action.

You start with a single car, and as you race more, you open new car, racing tracks, and even settings.

This allows for tons of replayability, so if you need a racing game you'll be playing for more than two days, definitely try this one.

3. Drift Zone 2

Feel like a drift racing veteran, and you're desperately longing for something new? Then Drift Zone 2 is your game of choice.

Besides the regular racing and drifting, what sets this game apart is the satisfying bullet time option.

This makes the game fresh and exciting as you discover new possibilities of being able to slow down time.

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Best 10 Drifting Racing Games

Still can't get enough of adrenaline-pumped racing? Then there's some good news for you.

Drift games are jumping in popularity, so more and more fantastic games are coming out on a regular basis.

In case you need more drift racing games, check out the regularly updated list of The Best 10 Drifting Racing Games.

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