💰 Budget Your Spring Cleaning with The Best Apps for Personal Finance

Items pile up so quickly; you never realize how messy your home is until you start cleaning. 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to bring your home in order, but it can come at a substantial financial cost.

To help you save money and maybe even earn some, we bring you four tips to spring clean on a budget.

1. Create Spring Cleaning Budget

Naturally, the first thing you got to do is create a personal budget for your spring cleaning.

This way, you'll have a clear idea not only what your possibilities are, but also how much you spent or earned at the end.

Since cleaning takes a lot of time, we suggest you use an app like Monefy to quickly create a budget and move forward.

2. Create Inventory

After sorting your finance, the next step is to sort your stuff. By creating an inventory, you'll have a clear idea of what you have and need.

This serves two purposes: you make sure you don't buy what you don't need and you create a list of items you can sell and earn some cash.

Again, to save time, we suggest Airtable as it allows you to create an inventory without breaking a sweat.

3. Get Appliances at Low Price

After you created an inventory, you'll likely have to invest some money in appliances for cleaning.

But don't go head first into shopping. Around this time, appliance retailers have massive discounts since they want to attract customers.

You can save money by browsing discounts and coupons for items you need and this becomes even easier with coupon apps.

Never miss a discount and save money. Be smart when you shop with loads of coupon apps that make saving easy.

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4. Sell Old Stuff

After you finish spring cleaning, there will be a lot of stuff you want to throw out.

But what's one person's trash another person's gold, so why not take advantage of that?

Use that inventory list from before to list items you can sell and pick a buy & sell app that's best for you and start selling. Your budget will be thankful.

Buy and sell whatever you want with ease. Buy or sell books, phones and even cars and gift cards with these great buy & sell apps.

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By using these four simple tips, you can save a substantial amount of money by doing what you do every year - cleaning. 

Taking advantage of The Best 10 Apps for Personal Finance is useful for spring cleaning, but you can use them for anything else concerning money.

It all comes to organizing your work and before you know it, your home will be sparkling clean with money where it should be - your wallet.

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