Brick Breaker Games Mix Classic Fun With Big Challenges

Brick Breaker Gameplay

Brick breaker mobile apps are a new spin on an old favorite. The original brick breaker game was created for computer style games, and then BlackBerry phones. The basic idea of the game involves smashing bricks with a bouncing ball that the player must keep from hitting the bottom of the screen. Typically, players use their mouse to move a paddle or board across the bottom of the screen, trying to time the bounce correctly to navigate around unbreakable bricks to complete the level. 

In many versions of the game, the board or paddle is replaced with a gun or cannon that shoots destructive balls up into the wall of bricks. The strategic aim is required to use limited ammunition to break the right bricks and move on before running out of shots. The BlackBerry game featured the rolling trackwheel to aim the gun or move the paddle, but the latest games for smartphones that feature touch screen technology simply require one tap or swipe. 

Classic Style Games

While these brick breaker games on smartphones may have more advanced graphics than the classic BlackBerry games, many of them still feature the moving paddle and bouncing ball. For lovers of this original gameplay style, there are still plenty of games that feature the convenience of new smartphone technology with the early days of brick breaker fun. So if you're not into space missions, glowing or flamings brick breaker balls, or demolition derbies, you can still enjoy the same game you grew up with on the PC or BlackBerry. 

Really, the classic brick breaker style is just a slight advancement in the best retro arcade games like Pong and pinball. You see, instead of using the paddle to hit the ball back at the opponent or up into the pinball field, you can enjoy using the paddle to hit the bricks off of the top of the wall. If these classics are the kinds of games you love, then classic brick breaker mobile apps are right up your alley. 

Brick Breaker Mobile Apps

Furthermore, if you enjoy bouncing back and forth between classic style play and new adventures, these brick breaker mobile apps have multiple games, playing styles, challenges all in the same app. Sometimes, you're in the mood for the original style of play, so a lot of these games have a retro mode that will take you back to the brick breaker glory days. If you're feeling like enjoying a new adventure, however, these apps offer new spins on brick breaker games, such as space adventures, demolition, and stack blasting fun. 

Changing up your playstyle is a great way to keep the entertainment fresh. Instead of getting bored with the same brick breaker challenges that you've beaten already, you can take on new game modes and journeys in the same app. Isn't that going to be a lot more fun than trying to beat your high score on the same challenge for the 100th time? Fortunately, you can find new mobile apps available for free download that offers classic PC-style fun with the latest kinds of brick breaker challenges.

Extended Levels & Challenges

Along with multiple game modes in one, brick breaker mobile apps for both Android and iPhone allow you to enjoy longer levels, new challenges, and brick breaker layouts that seem more like a journey. Instead of playing similar levels over and over again, these apps allow you to progress through new maps, levels, and brick layouts that will keep you guessing and put your brick-blasting capabilities to the test. 

For instance, the epic brick breaker mobile app Space Outlaw involves a journey to the ends of the universe. As you crush bricks and blast through walls, you'll be able to make improvements to your ship and travel to new planets. Completing brick breaker challenges along the way, you'll be battling aliens and defying the odds of space travel in brightly animated worlds. If you want to bring your brick breaker skills up against some out-of-this-world competition, these kinds of mobile apps are where you'll want to start. 

Online Break Breaker Competition

To change it up even more, you can take your talents up against your other friends and even make new ones with online mobile brick breaker games. These apps feature connected play that allows you to join forces with other brick breakers to complete team challenges, compete for a group high score, or enjoy brick-breaking journeys together. Teaming up with your friends or strangers online is a great way to enjoy competition even when you're not in the same room. 

Find your way to the top of the leaderboard by posting your high scores and sharing them through the apps on social media. You can challenge strangers with similar abilities or see how your high scores stack up against others in the same mobile apps with online connectivity. Using WiFi or cellular data, these mobile apps can open up a whole new world of brick-breaking fun and turn a solo game into a social opportunity. 

Whether you're a fan of the original gameplay styles or wanting to change it up and challenge players online, these mobile apps have something for every brick breaker fan.