Brick Breaker Games Mix Classic Fun With Big Challenges

Brick Breaker Games Mix Classic Fun With Big Challenges

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Mobile brick breaker games combine the classic fun of the old PC style games with new levels, challenges, and opportunities to play online with your friends. 

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Brick breaker mobile apps are a new spin on an old favorite. The original brick breaker game was created for computer style games, and then BlackBerry phones. The basic idea of the game involves smashing bricks with a bouncing ball that the player must keep from hitting the bottom of the screen. Typically, players use their mouse to move a paddle or board across the bottom of the screen, trying to time the bounce correctly to navigate around unbreakable bricks to complete the level. 

In many versions of the game, the board or paddle is replaced with a gun or cannon that shoots destructive balls up into the wall of bricks. The strategic aim is required to use limited ammunition to break the right bricks and move on before running out of shots. The BlackBerry game featured the rolling trackwheel to aim the gun or move the paddle, but the latest games for smartphones that feature touch screen technology simply require one tap or swipe.