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🎮 Boost Brain Power with The Best Memory Building Games

As we get older, our brain deteriorates, and this causes problems with our memory and other cognitive abilities.

The good news is that the brain is exactly like a muscle--if you give it a daily workout, it will grow stronger and more resistant.

We did our research to find the three best games to keep your brain in shape while having fun. You can check them out below.

1. Peak - Brain Games

The thing we like about Peak is that it comes with many mini brain games instead of one big game. 

It's super easy to give your brain a memory, mental prowess or even language jog even if you have only 5 minutes available. 

Finally, a decent amount of information makes it easy to keep track of your cognitive skills progress.

2. Lumosity - Cognitive Training

The second game we tested is Lumosity, and if you like memory games you can play on mobile, tablet and desktop, this is for you.

Games are quick, making it more challenging as it tests your memory, speed, and reflexes.

They will keep your attention and after just a couple of minutes playing you'll feel as if your brain is sweating.

3. Elevate - Brain Training

Elevate fall in the adult memory games category with its great depth in details and possibilities.

The biggest strength is the data you collect with playing. It's a great motivator to keep going and the information is easy to understand.

The difficulties are endless so it's highly impossible you'll reach the point where you'll think the game is easy--a real mental challenge.

If you feel like your brain could use a good jog, we sincerely recommend any of the top games.

The best thing about them is that they don't feel like cumbersome work. Instead, you'll feel as if you're playing Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds.

Since you'll often find yourself in situations where you don't know how to pass the time, it's likely better to spend it by playing games that are good for you.

In case none of the top games are what you are looking for, you can check The Best 10 Memory Building Games and find what you need.

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