Boating Map Apps Can Be a Great Guide for You

Boating Map Apps Can Be a Great Guide for You

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Boating map mobile applications provide a variety of services that can help you enjoy your time on the water, keep you safe, and share your location with ease. 

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If you’re an avid boater or fisherman, boating maps are probably something you deal with all the time. While there may be a variety of reasons to use boating apps, there are always a few difficulties that come along with these resources. The first drawback of boating maps is rather obvious: they are typically made of paper. Unless you’re Jack Sparrow belowdecks of the Black Pearl or Captain Phillips inside the brig of a large cargo/cruise ship, you’ll be looking at these charts in an area exposed to the spray of the ocean or lake on which you’re boating. You also risk having them ruined in the rain or heavy fog, and (don’t forget) bad weather is one of the situations on the water that might require a map the most. 

Along with exposing your maps to the elements, physical boating maps are also hindered by their size. You’ve been out on the water; you realize just how vast the area you want to explore can be. On a small boat with limited space that you’d rather fill up with fishing gear, party supplies, coolers, or snacks, these boating maps can get pretty vast themselves. A portable, weatherproof option would be a lot more convenient: cue the boating map mobile applications. 

While physical maps may be a nice decorative piece of traditional exploitation, boating map mobile apps are the way of the future. Casual boaters and professional captains have been using marine charts for hundreds of years, so it’s only natural to be wary of change. Many people who have been out on the bay or around the lake in their boats for years are certainly familiar enough to get by without advanced boating maps. 

However, fishermen, newcomers to an area, and everything from party-boat captains to boat racing pros can benefit from the various features of new boating maps for mobile devices. These apps for boating maps not only provide effective nautical charts, but they’ll also help you find the local hot spots, get updated on the current and weather conditions in your area, and share locations with friends. I’ve never seen a paper map that can do that as effectively. Have you? 

Now I’m not trying to downplay the role that boating maps have had in the formation of the world as we know it, but mobile boating map applications just have so much to offer. First of all, if you’re exploring a new area, you’ll want to know about the local hotspots. Now, depending on your goals while you’re out on the water and the type of day you’re trying to have, “hotspot” can mean a few different things. 

There are some boaters who would consider a hotspot as the best spot for fishing. Fortunately for them, they don’t have to flag down a local to figure out where their highest chance of catching fish is that day. Boating map mobile apps can point them to all of the hidden coves and river mouths they might be looking for. On the other hand, if a boater is looking to party, finding a great hotspot might mean a secluded cove with a spot to drop in a few fishing lines and inner-tubes. With free nautical apps that feature GPS directions to any of the most popular locations, you can find it all. 

Along with directions to enjoyable spots, mobile boating map applications are a great resource to help keep you safe out on the water. Being informed is always the best way to stay safe, so updates on the weather and water current conditions will help you stay aware of your environment. Some of the most helpful navigation apps available for download on iPhone and Android feature updates on changes in the conditions around you. 

Even if you're an experienced fisherman or boater, staying up to date on the ever-changing conditions will help you avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation. The sea is a fickle beast, so you don't want to take it for granted. Mobile app notifications, however, will act as a safety guide for the area you're in. When you take your boat into unchartered waters, it's easy to be unaware of dangerous conditions; a little extra information will help provide a safer, more enjoyable experience. 

While boating maps have always been a helpful tool, mobile boating map applications have too much to offer to not give them a try. Find your favorite today before your next ocean or lake day. 

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