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Blur Photo Editing

Photography Editing History

Throughout the history of photography, artists have been exploring the capabilities of editing effects like blur and numerous others. In the early days of photography, the images took hours to develop. Those large contraptions that we picture when we think of old-time cameras actually sent the image onto a glass plate, and the image was then transferred onto paper or a similar medium from there. The photographer could manipulate the chemicals, inks, and dyes while it was on the plate before transferring it onto paper, and they could also add more chemicals to enhance or diminish certain parts of the image. 

But that was the extent of the photo editing process. Advanced technology during the film era allowed for quicker development times but very little photo editing capabilities. It wasn't until the era of digital technology that the many facets of photo editing became possible. Once the photographer could view and edit photos on a computer or phone screen, the editing effects really came to life. 

Photo Editing Techniques

As photographers and artists used digital photography to study blur and other editing techniques, they realized the wide array of effects they could create. Each different technique and effect created a different reaction from the image. For example, many photo editors like to increase the highlights or shadows in order to draw more interest in certain areas. Another prevalent issue with many photos that editors will address is the red-eye effect in portraits of people when the camera utilizes flash. Photographers found that including a blur effect could make the object of focus seem like it was in motion. When they combined this effect with proper timing, they could create a lot of motion in the image. 

As a matter of fact, this type of creative blur technique is popular among car advertisements to show a car in motion. Another blur effect will draw attention to the main object of the image. If a photo editor blurs out most of the image, then whatever is left clear is where the eye will go first. Advertisers will use this effect to draw attention to a particular product in an image. 

Blur Photo Effects

When a photographer blurs a photo, it can also have a variety of other effects. Throughout history, photos were designed to freeze time and show one particular moment. However, in order to capture many moments, the concept of blur comes into play. One way photographers can create motion in a photo is to slow down the shutter speed. The shutter on a camera will close very quickly in order to capture the light at a specific moment in time. However, a slower shutter speed will allow for a little bit of movement, creating a blurred image that shows what objects are doing in those milliseconds before the shutter closes completely. 

Another type of image that invokes a blur effect is a time lapse image. A time lapse image has an incredibly slow shutter speed and will show time pass over one particular spot like a camera focused on the night sky to see the passing of the stars. However, when a time lapse image is focused on a running water source, like a river or waterfall, the water will simply appear blurry. These kinds of photos are very popular wilderness-themed decorations. 

Photo Editing Software

In order to create these various blur effects, along with many others, photo editors began using technical photo editing software on computers. These artists could manipulate photos in thousands of ways, from altering the amount of light in certain areas to increase the sharpness of an object's edges. Some of the most popular photo editing software is often referred to as Adobe Suite, which includes multiple programs from Adobe, Inc. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most prominent in the photo editing field, allowing users to edit a photo in countless ways, featuring a blur tool, layer masking for enhanced visual effects, and thousands of other techniques. 

In fact, these computer programs allow the photos to be saved in a variety of formats so the artists can upload them to the Internet, print them onto photo paper, or send them via email. With computer editing software, even non-professional photographers can create website-ready images. 

Mobile Editing Apps

Along with computer programs that help edit, blur, and crop along with countless techniques, this kind of software is even available on phones now. Mobile apps like Lightroom, which allows for easy photo editing and save-able, preset editing values so that artists can quickly customize the photos they take on their phones. From selfies to landscapes, and anything in between, amateur photographers can now edit with precision and speed from their phones before they upload to social media or send the pictures with friends through photo sharing apps. 

In addition, many photo editing apps include ideas and suggestions on how to best use the blur effect and other effects to create the most aesthetic final images. These photo editing apps also help users develop a theme for their photos that can be viewed consistently across all of their social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. 

The concept of blur has been evolving with the photography profession, and mobile photo editing apps can help users use this effect and many others to create professional-quality photographs. 

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