Block Puzzle Games: More Than Just Fun

Block Puzzle Games

Block puzzle games test the logic and pattern recognition skills of a player. These kinds of puzzle games require players to match blocks on a board in a specific pattern. If a block fits the pattern after matching, it disappears from the board.

Depending on the configuration of the game, one can rotate incoming blocks to fit into the grid. As the game progresses, the speed at which each block enters the board increases. Players will find it more challenging to match blocks at the highest speed level of the game. However, the more often a person plays, the better they become at it.

Types of Block Puzzles

There are three types of block puzzle games:

Falling Block Puzzle

It involves objects falling from the top of the screen, which players must maneuver into a specific position. An example of this game is Tetris.

Sliding Block Puzzle

It's a combination puzzle. Players slide flat pieces that are already in a board to form a specific configuration. Finding ways and open paths through which a block can move is an essential part of the game. Upon completion, it may create a number, letter, or a picture, just like in Jigsaw and Griddler puzzles. Sokoban is an example of this game.

Advancing Block Puzzle

Pieces of puzzle blocks advance on to the blocks from one or more sides. The player tries to prevent puzzle pieces from getting to the opposite side of the block. An example is the Zuma game.

Benefits of Playing Block Puzzles

While playing puzzle games is fun, it’s also beneficial. Although certain benefits particularly apply to kids, adults can also benefit from playing puzzles. Some of these benefits include:

Better Problem Solving Ability

Consistently playing block puzzles introduces you to difficult levels, which you must attempt while thinking critically. As you solve each difficulty level, your problem-solving skills improve. This skill increases your proficiency and makes you innovative, even at your workplace.

Improves Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning is the ability to manipulate three-dimensional objects in our minds before taking action. Solving puzzles creates a mental picture of the game in our minds. It requires us to look at different pieces to figure out where they fit. The more you play puzzles, the more your spatial reasoning improves. Better spatial skills help with tasks like parking or switching lanes while driving.

Improves Memory

When playing puzzles, you need a good short-term memory, which is an ability to remember images and patterns. As you continuously play the game, it reinforces your brain cells, which improves your memory.

Improves Mood

Playing puzzle games is therapeutic. As you complete each level, your sense of achievement increases. This feeling helps to lower anxiety, reduce stress, and improve your mood.

Best Block Puzzle Game Apps

A smartphone offers users an opportunity to play puzzle games whenever they want. When you intend to download a puzzle game app, you'll find numerous ones on the online store. Many of them have good graphics and stories that add to the fun. To narrow down your search, some of the best puzzle game apps include:

Block! Hexa Puzzle

The top on our list, Block Hexa is fun and helps you pass the time. The goal is to drag colorful hexagon-shaped pieces and try to fit them all in a frame. There are easy levels to help you hone your skills and difficulty levels to keep the game challenging.

Wood Block Puzzle

It’s a classic wood-style block puzzle. It involves fitting wooden blocks of different shapes into a 10x10 grid. As you fill and complete each grid, the blocks crumble.

Block! Triangle: Tangram

It’s a combination of the classic Tangram mix and the modern block puzzle. Players drag triangle blocks to fill the board


It’s a Sudoku-style 9x9 board game. Players drag the blocks onto the board, and once the board is clear, the game ends.

Block Puzzle Box

It comprises a square, tetra, and hexagon shapes. The game offers different playing modes like drag and merge blocks, slide bricks, and merge tens.

Mastering Block Puzzles

Some block puzzles allow players to fill blocks that eliminate in rows and columns. This first level is usually comfortable, and you can complete them quickly. Many block puzzle apps even have tutorials for beginners to further ease the process.

When starting on the first level, tips show on the screen, with an arrow indicating how to slide a matching block or where to drop a falling block. It looks quite easy but gets tougher as you proceed. The key to mastering tough levels in a short time is consistent playing. 

Playing block puzzle games are not only fun and entertaining, but they are also useful for brain development. To download and play a block puzzle game, our list of best block puzzle games can help you get the right app.