Bible in Spanish: Best Spanish Bible Apps

Bible in Spanish: Best Spanish Bible Apps

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The Holy Bible is the world’s most-read and translated religious text. It has been translated in full or in parts in over 3,300 languages from the original languages of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. More language translations of the Bible continue to be made. The rise of the Internet and mobile applications has made it easy for readers to gain access to a wide variety of language translations with the click of a button. 

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The Holy Bible is a daily study companion for billions of Christians around the world. Many Christians today are shifting towards the electronic versions of their Bibles. There are many free Christian Bible apps available mostly for free downloads. A significant advantage of mobile Bible apps is that they can be accessed on the go and from anywhere.

Many of English translation Bible apps come with concordances and commentaries to make your reading and study easier. They also allow you to compare and contrast several English translations for easier understanding.

Most Bible apps also come with an audio reader function for those who would rather listen to the Scriptures than read them. Bible apps also have features that facilitate reading like annual reading plans, verse of the day, and search features that direct you to relevant verses when you enter portions of text in the provided search field. The bookmark function allows you to save important verses for quick access and regular meditation.

Like the many English translations of the Bible available, there are also several Bible translations in the world’s major languages. The Reina-Valera is the classic Spanish translation and is the closest Spanish translation to the King James Version of the English Bible.

The Reina-Valera Bible began as the Biblia del Oso, first produced by Casiodoro de Reina and some of his companions in Basel, Switzerland, in September 1569. A revised edition was published by Cipriano de Valera in 1602. Valera was Reina’s student, and his version placed the deuterocanonical texts in a section between the Old and New Testament.

Since Valera’s edition of the Bible, there have been many more revisions of the Reina-Valera Bible to date with notable revisions published in 1909, 1960, 1995, and 2011. Modern versions of the Reina-Valera omit the books of the Apocrypha.

Modern revisions try to remain as close to the original as possible, without confusing readers. The Reina-Valera remains one of the most recognized Spanish Bible translations and is the authorized translation for use in Spanish language services for Anglican and Episcopal communions. 

There have been many versions of the Bible in the past 700 years. Notable Spanish Bible translations besides the Reina-Valera translations include:

Messianic Translations

The Messianic translations of the Spanish Bible were geared towards members of the Messianic movements in Spain, Israel, and the Americas. Messianic authors translated the Old Testament based on the Hebrew Masoretic Texts and translated the New Testament based on Wescott and Hurt’s Novum Testamentum.

Jewish Translations

Spanish Jews in the Middle Ages orally translated Bible readings into Spanish, and manuscripts were produced for Christian Patrons or Jewish use. A printed version of the manuscripts known as the Ferrara Bible was published in 1553 after Jews were expelled from Spain.

Catholic Translations

There are many Spanish translations of the Bible, but the Bible Torres Amat, published in 1825, is regarded by traditionalists as the best Spanish translation because it is directly based on the Latin Vulgate by St. Jerome.

The Jerusalem Bible (Biblia de Jerusalen) is the most widely accepted Catholic Spanish translation. This translation was published in 1967 and revised in 1973.  

If you would love to study the Bible in Spanish, there are several Spanish Bible study apps you can download. Spanish Bible study mobile apps are created with easy-to-understand Spanish and come with other features to aid your Bible study.

The Bible English Spanish Bilingual Offline lets you study the Bible offline and also provides daily verses and statistics to allow you to track your reading progress.

The Santa Biblia Reina Valera app offers the classic Spanish translation and comes with audio reading that lets you get the correct pronunciation of Spanish words.

The La Biblia en Español is a modern Spanish language Bible app with a stylish design that makes books easy to navigate. It lets you highlight your favorite verses and makes notes where necessary. The app also keeps track of your reading and lets you continue from the last verse you read whenever you open it. 

Bilingual Bible apps are designed to give users access to the books of the Bible in more than one language. Bilingual Bible apps allow you to study the scriptures and to improve your command of a second language. There are several Spanish and English bilingual apps for readers who want to study in both languages.

One app you can use is the Bible Spanish English app that provides offline access to the Bible in Spanish and English. You can search for your favorite verses and share them with your friends on this app.

The English Spanish Bible app is another excellent English and Spanish Bible study tool. It is built with the red-letter King James English Bible and the Reina-Valera Bible. It contains reading plans, daily verses, and daily notifications to aid your study of the Scriptures. 

The Scriptures continue to provide guidance, hope, and inspiration to people around the world who use it for their daily study and meditation. Make your Spanish and English Bible study more efficient by downloading one of our Best Apps for Reading the Bible in Spanish.

  • 1 ranking-icon-1 Biblia Hebrea Completa Gratis

    Complete Hebrew Bible in Spanish with References.


    907 Reviews 50K+
    • 95% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • Thanks for this valuable and fruitful bible. I am starting to use it. I will give better answer on our optional questions.


  • 2 ranking-icon-2 La Biblia en español gratis

    The Bible in Spanish. Downloading the Bible for free has never been so easy❗️


    61K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 97% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • Lately im been having trouble with the app but im been using it for years and i share with my friends i love it
      Claudia Tapia


  • 3 ranking-icon-3 Biblia Reina Valera + Español - Cristiana

    King James Bible, Old and New Testaments, without internet connection

    la biblia

    23K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 97% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • I love this app for the Bible. It's very useful and I love everything it's says about God and Jesus. 💖 I really love this app because every morning and every evening it tells you a verse from the Bible which I honestly love about it.😇 I totally recommend this app to everybody in the whole wide world.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ If someone is reading this and hasn't bought this app yet then I promise you that you will love this Bible and you will not be disappointed.🥰 God Bless You💝
      Rachel Castillo



    Bilingual Bible ES-EN.
    Study Spanish and read the Bible
    It's free,it's offline

    Casa Open

    3K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 85% positive reviews
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • It is an Amazing and helpful Bible app. It also help me learn new spanish vocabulary while reading God's word. I love it.
      Jamar Noray


  • 5 Bible English Spanish Bilingual Offline

    English Spanish Bible - Free and Offline!

    Daily Bible Apps

    629 Reviews 10K+
    • 91% positive reviews
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • Love it. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. When l want to see how a verse is written on either language, l have that verse right there under the Spanish is the English version. God bless you.
      Abigail Cadenas


  • 6 La Biblia en Español

    Always carry the word of God with The Bible in Modern Spanish

    Warp Studios Bibles

    45K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 96% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • This is a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL app that helps you learn about the Bible in a very rewarding and colorful way. I love how useful it is. The size of the letters is legible, it allows you to write comments and highlight your favorite verses. I also love how the books are divided into their categories and it sort of obligates you to look for each one of them making it even easier to learn.